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The Glare of Unmitigated Hypocrisy of The Unconscionable Pelosi Mind

Bless her blatantly shameless hypocritical forked tongue.

San Fran Nan now claims no democrat 'connection' with the growingly obvious agenda of the Occupy Movement and their very near future plans as she tries to distance herself, her party, and the administration from them ... for some reason.

Let's have a closer look, shall we?

ABC News (Oct. 9, 2011): Pelosi Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement

Nice Deb (November, 21, 2011): The #OWS Hall Of Shame: Democrats Who Support/Supported The Occupy Wall Street Movement

Yeah ... that's what I thought she said. Maybe Nan and her party are a little worried about all those previous Wall Street political donations drying up? After all, it is an election year.

Fact is, the MSM would never call this woman, or any of these democrats, on this. We are on our own, folks. Let's do our very best in November...

HT: Weasel Zippers bunch

5 comments to The Glare of Unmitigated Hypocrisy of The Unconscionable Pelosi Mind

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  • FreedomForCuba

    The more Fox News and the Web exposed the OWS movement's goals and its characters, the more the MSM and the Democrats backed off out of fear for the consequences of supporting such an anti-American movement in an election year.

    POTUS, the Democrats and the MSM legitimized this OWS movement trying to create a counter movement to the Tea Party. Little did they envisioned that it was going to backfire and get out of their control with pictures of Communists, Hippies, Marxists and anarchists idiots joining ranks and these characters don't represent traditional America in any way shape or form.

    When it was all said and done, the Teap Party still stands as a legitimate movement representing real Americans unlike the OWS movement which is deep in the mud.

  • [...] Babalu:The Glare of Unmitigated Hypocrisy of The Unconscionable Pelosi Mind Bless her blatantly shameless hypocritical forked tongue. [...]

  • asombra

    Pelosi, like many others, has been playing this sort of game for a long time and has pretty much gotten away with it. She knows she has nothing to fear from the “correct” media. In addition to a sense of impunity, she’s emboldened by her delusion of being a Major Figure—despite being, in fact, a very small person who’s risen far higher than she deserved and is, in effect, an embarrassment. However, wanting power and prominence badly enough, and acting accordingly, can go a very long way.

    Her real significance, as I see it, is that she’s a superb example of democracy’s greatest weakness: shitty voters generate shitty results, which wind up screwing everyone, not just those voters. It’s a very grave problem, which cries out for corrective measures, but of course nothing will be done about it. The great many shitty politicians and would-be politicians have no intention of endangering their prospects.

  • asombra

    Is it me, or does Pelosi look embalmed?