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The Cheerleading Archbishop

Gusano didn’t go church today. But the Church came to Gusano. It came like a slap to the face. A confirmation of sorts.

So instead of church I get online and torture myself with some Cuba news. Communing with misery, if you will.  Anyway, I come across an article on Cardinal Ortega, head of the Cuban Catholic Church, which is it’s like the Roman Catholic Church only quieter. (I know, right? Something Cuban is quieter)

There’s already a litany of reasons why Cardinal Ortega is a disgrace both as a Cuban and a catholic in the Babalu sermons, so there’s no point in rehashing it here. And the article accurately documents many of  the Cardinal’s sins. But, what brought my Jesuit - taught sense of indignation to a boil was a quote from one Arbishop Wenski, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Miami. This “curita,” Wenski ,plays Devil’s advocate in rebuffing the critics of Cardinal Ortega’s “stands,” (actually his lies, but that’s too easy a pun), against the repression and human rights abuses in Cuba, especially those pesky loudmouth exiled Chihuahuas in Miami:

"He has a very tough job," said Miami Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski, an Ortega supporter who acknowledged that many Cuban exiles view the cardinal warily. "For those who are Monday-morning-quarterbacking from Miami and don't have on-the-ground experience, it's going to take more time for them to change their opinion of him."

Granted, doing the Devil’s work while claiming to serve God, is a very tough job. But Wenski ‘s comment about Monday morning quarterbacking, even in the city where that’s the only choice, since the Dolphins don’t have a quarterback, is ridiculous, uninformed, bigoted and offensive to most of his flock. And…they are totally out of step with  both of the catechisms he seems to want to preach; church’s and the left’s. Who in hell, (we know who in Rome did), gave the Archbishop a candle to this funeral? How can he say that the exiles in Miami have no “on-the-ground experience” Really?!?, if those who have experienced the lies, propaganda and doublespeak of Cuba’s totalitarian regime can’t tell when someone is collaborating or possibly even compromised, who can? A self professed “very liberal” priest from freaking West Palm Beach? No joda.

Besides, the left’s catechism clearly believes that it is precisely because Cuban exiles have too much “on-the-ground experience” that they cannot be “experts” in their own experience because our anthropological inferiority is such that we are genetically incapable of objectivity. Which is it? Too little, too much? Whatever moral relevancy is more convenient at the time, I guess. As long as the argument is that we Anti-Castro Cubans only be seen and not heard.

Wenski also seems to be out of step with Rome’s opinion of Cardinal Ortega also. Since the Vatican’s view of Ortega as a spineless, mealy mouthed communist collaborator is more in-step with the Monday morning quarterbacking crowd in calle ocho, then with his leftist Sunday morning cheerleading of totalitarianism. Thanks to wiki leaks, of all places, the aforementioned article points this out:

A May 14, 2007 dispatch written by Washington's mission to the Holy See quotes the chief of staff to Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone as complaining that Cuba's government must have been happy with Ortega because "the Church did its dirty work."

Why the Pope saw fit to appoint this guy as Archbishop of Miami, is beyond me. Since his appointment, he has cheerled for “reconciliation” while racking up more Miami to Havana miles than Cuca la mula de Hialeah only she has nicer pom-poms.

Just the Church’s way of making us better Christians by “marterizandonos,” of confirming us, of slapping our face. No wonder Hatuey didn’t want to go to heaven.

6 comments to The Cheerleading Archbishop

  • asombra

    Many Cuban exiles view Ortega contemptuously, not "warily," and they view Wenski in a fairly similar light. The bit about "those who are Monday-morning-quarterbacking from Miami and don't have on-the-ground experience" is insufferably condescending for someone who's not Cuban and has no skin in this game. But yes, if Cubans keep putting up with this kind of disrespect and insensitivity, they can hardly expect better.

  • Rayarena


    It's our fault that Wenski is the archibishop of Miami. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Vatican would never in a million years appoint a vocally anti-immigrant, anti-Dream Act, strict boarder control advocating archbishop to a city like Los Angeles, Houston or Dallas, Texas. Yet, they appoint an Archibishop to Miami that insults us and is diametrically against our Cuba policy. We are not respected because they see as as pushovers. Despite our economic and political power [2 senators, 5 congressmen], we are not activist-minded, we don't have institutions that speak up for us and we don't for the most part get involved, thus, we are taken for granted.

    While we can't control Ortega inside Cuba, we sure as hell can control what happens in Miami, but we've allowed that to slip through our hands. We've monumentally dropped the ball.

  • asombra

    And Wenski's frequent-flyer miles to Cuba go as far back as 1996--he's been at this for a while now.

  • asombra

    The Chihuahua reference (thanks again, Miami Herald) is very apt. If enough Cubans in South Florida had stopped buying the Herald as soon as it started treating them like "those people," the Herald would have "reconsidered" its position, even if only out of self-interest. People who don't respect themselves are highly unlikely to be respected by others.

  • Gusano

    You guys are priceless working "dropped the ball" and "skin in the game" into your comments. thank you so much for reading my stuff and cracking me up.

  • FreedomForCuba

    I sincerely hope that I don’t ever run into archbishop Wenski because I may spit on his face.