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Nero Fiddled, Kennedy Partied

"We were very lucky that Kennedy won instead of Nixon." (Fidel Castro to New York Times' reporter Tad Szulc.)

Presidential mistress (while a teenager) Mimi Alford claims that the president who remains the most popular in modern U.S. history offered her amyl nitrate poppers during a nude swimming party at the Palm Springs estate of Bing Crosby, the most popular entertainer of America's Norman Rockwell era. The party took place around "White" Christmas of 1962.

"[Kennedy's top aide] Dave Powers [was] bang**g a girl on the edge of the pool," recalled Secret Service agent Newman. "The President was sitting across the pool having a drink and talking to some broads. Everybody was buck**s naked."

But no word from the Secret Service if Bingo's "Silent Night, Holy Night" played in the background during this Yuletide ceremony.

"I am here today not to be honored -- but to pay honor," intoned the U.S. president at the Orange Bowl two weeks later. "I know of no men in modern history who showed more courage under more difficult conditions than those before me today. I promise to deliver this Brigade banner to you in a free Havana!" he beamed at the Bay of Pigs freedom-fighters and their loved ones.

The Orange Bowl erupted: "Cuba libre!" yelled the delirious crowd while hugging and cheering and sobbing. "Cuba libre!" yelled men (and boys) who'd snickered in the face of KGB torturers weeks earlier, but now wept openly. The hour of liberation seemed nigh, and with the full backing of "The Leader of the Free World."

But two months earlier, this same Leader of the Free World had made a different pledge.

Our friends at American Thinker help disseminate items mostly unknown outside our ghetto.

4 comments to Nero Fiddled, Kennedy Partied

  • asombra

    Such a great family man. That Jackie was so lucky. That's the great thing about fantasies; they're so perfect. Too bad they're not real.

  • asombra

    That's a great image: the acting POTUS in a naked pool party at some celebrity's estate. Well, I suppose he had to relax after the Missile Crisis thing. Not a problem. He was a Dem, you see.

  • asombra

    Khrushchev no doubt pegged JFK as an ineffectual pretty boy very early and obviously had his number--and used it. It’s appalling that, even though the Soviets clearly “had their way” with Kennedy, to put it politely, he came out looking so well. Of course, important information was withheld, and everything was spun to favor him, but the media was either incompetent or committed to protect and enable him no matter what he did. This is one big reason why the Camelot business lingers on—the system doesn’t want to admit it either failed or deliberately misled the public. In other words, the Camelot myth is too big to be debunked, except very, very slowly.

  • Indeed, Asombra...who better than US to recognize "un-debunkable" myths!

    Granted, it's 52 years tardy..