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Poland’s Lech Walesa urges Benedict XVI to help Cuban dissidents

Lech Walesa has been steadfast in his support for a free Cuba. I pray that his letter, as well as the letter from Dr. Carlos Eire, the pleas of the Ladies in White, and others will not fall of deaf ears. I pray they will sway the Pope to intercede with the tyrants in Havana on behalf of the Cuban people instead of the public relations tour for the regime it now appears to be.

By Juan O. Tamayo

Former Polish President Lech Walesa has written to Pope Benedict XVI urging him to “take up the defense of those Cubans who are demanding freedom” during his visit to the communist-ruled island next week.

“I beg Your Holiness to intercede for those who are in prison because of their convictions,” wrote Walesa, a former dissident who headed the Solidarity labor movement that helped oust Poland’s communist government.

“I implore Your Holiness to take up the defense of those Cubans who are demanding freedom at the risk of persecutions and humiliation,” he added in the letter, dated March 8 and made public Monday by the Lech Walesa Institute in Warsaw.

In his letter, Walesa also recalled that Pope John Paul II’s visit to his native Poland in 1979 had a powerful impact on the strongly Catholic nation, under communist rule since the Soviet military occupation that followed World War II.

The visit “not only awakened in us, the Polish people, the hope of change but above all freed our will to take action,” he wrote.

Continue reading here.

5 comments to Poland’s Lech Walesa urges Benedict XVI to help Cuban dissidents

  • If only Cuba were ruled by the type of (relative) commie chumps and softies who ran Eastern Europe. I'm afraid it's a much different story down there--But good on Walesa!..he means well.

  • Humberto, you are right. But, I'm hoping that the Pope, who is sort of from the same neighborhood country wise will take his words to heart. I know, I'm dreaming, but I have hope, it's been 53 plus years, and nothing, not even the castros last forever. I want it to happen before the SOB dies, if there is justice in this world, we need it to happen before he dies, and I'm not talking about the "China" model. So, I pray, from Lech's pen to God's ears.

  • Rayarena

    Lech Walesa is pretty heavy duty. He's a good guy to have on our bandwagon and we owe him a pretty big debt for doing this. I doubt that the Pope will be moved, but the dastardly Cardinal Jaime Ortega must be sweating under the collar as he sees little drops of rain starting to rain on his parade.

    What we need is an open letter in various important newspapers around the world like Reinaldo Arenas organized in 1989 when he asked castro to hold a plebiscite as to whether the Cubans wanted him to stay in power or no. We're not going to do that, because we don't have the institutions to organize such a feat, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have one of those blog blasts [is that what its called?] that Babalu used to organize. I haven't seen one of those in a long time.

  • asombra

    Gee, so where's the letter from the King of Spain?

  • asombra

    Where's the Methodist Church on this? They were on Elian like white on rice.