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President Obama Criticizes Communist Dictatorship

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After squinting through binoculars into a nation frozen in time, US President Barack Obama reeled off a contempt-laden and startlingly frank indictment.

"It is like you are in a time warp," said the president of the United States. "It is like you are looking across 50 years into a country that has missed 40 years or 50 years of progress,"

"If a country can't feed its people effectively, if it can't make anything of any use to anybody, if it has no exports other than weapons and even those aren't ones that in any way would be considered state of the art."

"If it can't deliver on any indicators of well-being... for its people... then you'd think you'd want to try something different," Obama said in a highly undiplomatic public appearance.

He summed it all up by saying: "There are certain things that just don't work and what they are doing doesn't work."

If you were led to believe that he was speaking about Cuba --a country that matches all of the qualities mentioned above -- sorry.  Wrong.  Fooled you, Humberto-style.  The country in question is North Korea, not Cuba.

One wonders what Obama might have had to say about making concessions to North Korea, easing sanctions, and ensuring a steady stream of tourists through people-to-people programs.

Imagine what he might say when he tours Havana in 2013, after his reelection, as he sips a mojito. “Wonderful healthcare. Great education. This works beautifully!”

No doubt about it. After he is reelected, it is highly likely that he will join the people-to-people parade, and visit the island, ensuring the survival of Castrolandia. As he said to Russian President Medvedev yesterday: “After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.”

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5 comments to President Obama Criticizes Communist Dictatorship

  • jokerboy

    Actually I think those are special binoculars. He's not looking at N. Korea or into the past. He's looking at Chicago fifty years from now once his current policies have bankrupt and destroyed the US.

  • asombra

    The people who run North Korea only care about domestic control. They're not playing to a foreign audience like Castro, Inc. has been since Day 1. They're not in the international marketing game, and if they are, they're hopelessly crude and over the top. Their "great leaders" expect to be treated as gods by their own people, but not by outsiders. Castro never really cared how Cubans saw him because he always considered them inferior and unworthy of him. He wanted international status; Cuba itself was never sufficient or good enough.

  • asombra

    He just doesn't look right in that jacket. It's wearing him, not the other way around.

  • David Sandoval

    Well it's an election year so expect to hear the anti-castro rhetoric begin... the usual cycle of rhetoric, and not much more than rhetoric...

  • Dream on, Obama--you'll be heading back to Chicago come January 2013, not Cuba, at your own expense!