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  • Honey: Yes, but at least Carter got us Reagan. I am fearful that we might not be so lucky this time. Cruz, Jindall, Fiorina, Walker,...

  • Honey: Yes, at least Carter got us Reagan. I am fearful that we might not be so lucky this time. Cruz, Jindall, Fiorina, Walker, Rubio...

  • asombra: This is nothing. Just wait for the papal visit circus.

  • asombra: “We look very, very bad.” Well, practically all of the rest of the world has looked worse for years, and now the...

  • asombra: Honey, if Castro had been right-wing, he’d have gone the way of Trujillo or Somoza long ago.

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Desi Arnaz, “Person of color”–George Zimmerman, “White”

From the Huffington Post last month:

"in a time when Latinos and people of color in general were largely absent from television, Arnaz was an unlikely television pioneer.


From The Huffington Post last week:

"Over the past year I’ve been working on what I call the “The White Privilege Pop Quiz” from the Huffington Post regarding the "white" accused of killing Trayvon Martin.

(Bueno y alguien por favor me puede explicar como esto ajuda a avanzar la hermandad de la raza humana? Esa raza es la unica verdaderamente importante...Pero COMO SIEMPRE!!--este Fontova se pone a DIVIDIR! A buscar BRONCAS! y todo eso!..pero que tipo mas desagradable!!!)

3 comments to Desi Arnaz, “Person of color”–George Zimmerman, “White”

  • Rayarena

    Who would have known that Desi Arnaz had the entire world fooled!!!! People thought that he was white when in reality he was a "man-of-color" [tongue-in-cheek] Back in the 1950's when real segregation and lynching existed down south and when states like Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia would have gone to war, and seceded from the union if a real interracial marriage had been televised on prime time TV, Desi and Lucy were the most beloved American couple on TV [they still are 60 years later such was the adoration people felt for them]. Fast forward to the politically correct, revisionist 1970's+ and all of a sudden Desi Arnaz has become a MAN OF COLOR.

    You see, when MALDEF, National Council of la Raza, LULAC and all of the rest of the fist-in-the-air chicanos and LATEEENOS started piggybacking on the the black civil rights movement and calling themselves BROWN and demanding affirmative action, and when the Marxist laden mentality [racial warfare, struggle of the classes] of academia, the MSM and Hollywood started getting a hold of this notion of LATEENOS as non-white, LATEENOS became "People-of-color." Its even fashionable nowadays to say that SPANIARDS AREN'T REALLY WHITE, because of all of the Moorish blood. Little does it matter that the Berbers who lived in Spain for 700 years were Caucasians and that they were mostly relegated to the South of Spain.

  • asombra

    I've got news for you: some conservatives also equate Hispanic (including someone like Marco Rubio) with non-white.

  • Rayarena

    It's true, some conservatives also equate Hispanics like Marco Rubio as non-white. In fact, I would say that 90% of all people--conservative and "liberal" think of Hispanics as non-white. It's become so ingrained in the minds of everyone--especially after the incessant campaigning by groups like those I mentioned in my previous post, that people actually believe that Hispanic is a race, not an ethnicity. Another thing, is that Hispanics used to be categorized not with the catch-all word, "Hispanic" [or as it is used today, "Latino"] but by their individual nationalities: Cuban Argentine, Spaniard, Puerto Rican, Mexican, etc.. Nowadays, everyone is a "latino." This adds further to the confusion.