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Why are some disappointed by the Pope’s visit to Cuba?

Analysis of reactions to the papal visit to Cuba at Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Why are some disappointed by the Pope's visit to Cuba?

The truth is a desire of the human person, the search for which always supposes the exercise of authentic freedom. Many, without a doubt, would prefer to take the easy way out, trying to avoid this task. Some, like Pontius Pilate, ironically question the possibility of even knowing what truth is (cf. Jn 18:38), ... There are too many who, like the Roman governor, wash their hands and let the water of history drain away without taking a stand. - Pope Benedict XVI, March 28 , 2012

Projection of Pope Benedict XVI's image onto the Havana Cathedral in Cuba

Why are some saddened and disappointed by the Pope's visit to Cuba while others are profoundly satisfied by it? There are three main reasons (listed further below) as to why some people were disappointed. However the top issue is that the Pope met with Fidel Castro (who is no longer head of state) but had no time to meet with Catholic dissidents such as the Ladies in White or Oswaldo Paya. Berta Soler, the spokeswoman for the Ladies in White in an interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC explained the reason for her disappointment:

“the Pope forgot to grant all of the oppressed and marginalized in his flock the one minute of contact that we begged for, but, in spite of our great disappointment, we have not lost our faith or our love for Christ.”

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1 comment to Why are some disappointed by the Pope’s visit to Cuba?

  • Disturbing, imagine if Hitler were still in power, with similar security measures still in place. Imagine if you will, the chief Rabbi of Israel traveling to Germany, and refusing to meet with dissident Jews? Absurd? Of course, but such absurdity is routine when it comes to Cuba. Pope conducts Mass in the presence of murdering tyrants and the hand picked audience while dissidents are beaten, arrested threatened with 'dissapearance', and Castro's jails are filled with innocents suffering the horrors of hell on earth. How can anyone not be dissapointed? I don't know why I'm shocked over the Popes lack, I expected nothing more. This is not a man is not fit to be Pope.