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Ted Cruz: The next Cuban American senator?

Texas senate candidate Ted Cruz takes one step closer to becoming the third Cuban American Senator in the U.S. Senate:

Dewhurst, Cruz headed to runoff in Texas' U.S. Senate race

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and former state Solicitor General Ted Cruz appeared Tuesday night to be headed to a runoff election, extending the fierce, multimillion-dollar Republican race for Texas' first open U.S. Senate seat in a decade.

With 55 percent of precincts reporting, Dewhurst held 46 percent of the vote to Cruz's 32 percent to lead a slate of GOP challengers that also included former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert and former ESPN commentator Craig James.


Cruz, a Tea Party favorite, fired the first shot in the runoff and challenged Dewhurst to five debates before the July 31 vote.

"I think tonight was a tremendous victory for the grass roots and the people of Texas," he said. "The moderate establishment thought they could buy this race and tonight was a resounding repudiation of that.

"In a runoff, the race will be decided by the grassroots activists of Texas," he said, noting that Dewhurst did not participate in 35 debates over the past year. "That means my opponent is not going to be able to continue ignoring the grassroots voters in Texas. ... I am hopeful in the runoff, he will have learned his lesson. Ignoring grassroots voters and conservative activists comes with a price."

Help support the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign HERE.

2 comments to Ted Cruz: The next Cuban American senator?

  • CountNomis

    The problem that Ted has is that Dewhurst has a bottomless pocket and has saturated the airwaves here. By comparison, Ted has a shoestring budget, so if any of you have any $ to spare, I would suggest that you send some his way to level the playing field. Go to (Just a suggestion)

  • quinco

    I was fortunate to attend on Friday the 25th a Ted Cruz rally in Weatherford Texas. I met Ted and his father Rafael who spoke before Ted arrived. Rafael's and Ted's speeches were great and received muchapplause. It is true that Dewhurst has deep pockets but we will continue to fight for the runoff.
    I took videos of Rafael and Ted speeches, three and eight minutes respectively. I burned a DVD but doing this infrequently don't have knowledge to upload or email this large files. If someone at Babalu can provide instructions I will gladly do what is required. I can mail DVD to Babalu need the mailing address.
    Armando Quincoses