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Visagate: Mariela Castro speaks to empty seats in NYC, calls herself a ‘dissident’

The daughter of dictator Raul Castro and self-appointed princess of Cuba Mariela Castro spoke yesterday at the New York City Public Library. It was the latest stop of her U.S. Propaganda Tour made possible by a generous grant from the Obama State Department, which provided Ms. Castro and her entourage visas to enter the U.S.

This scandalous propaganda tour continues to generate more controversy as we learned a few days ago that the New York Public Library, in an apparent effort to shield Mariela Castro from any difficult or challenging exchanges, decided to change their event from public to private. In their report of the event last night, however, CNN failed to mention how the New York Public Library denied access to citizens and members of the press who were not on the "approved list" most likely provided to them by the Castro dictatorship.

Mariela Castro visits New York; addresses gay rights issues

New York (CNN) -- The daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro, widely seen as a champion of gay rights in Cuba, brought her brand of outspoken advocacy to a New York audience Tuesday.

Mariela Castro Espin, who is her country's director of the National Center for Sex Education and is the niece of Fidel Castro, is on a multiday visit to the United States.

Castro told an audience of about 130 people at the New York Public Library Tuesday evening that her work with gay rights in Cuba "is a pretext to fight other forms of discrimination."

"I also have a dream of a Cuba that achieves, in the long run, its full sovereignty," said Castro. "Within that sovereignty, we have the right to choose the path to maintain that freedom, and we have chosen through popular referendum a type of socialism which experiments towards the search for justice for all."

Last week, Castro kicked off her tour by attending meetings in San Francisco on issues such as transgender health care, a topic that she has advocated for in Cuba.

Another important development that CNN neglected to mention about the event last night was that the elitist, jet-setting daughter of the most brutal dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere actually referred to herself as a "dissident."

The Spanish language news agency EFE, however, did catch it (my translation):

The daughter of Raul Castro, 'a dissident'

Mariela Castro Espín, the daughter of Cuban president Raul Castro, said on Tuesday in New York that she considers herself a "dissident" from the global hegemonic powers and dreams of a sovereign Cuba, but that she "critically" views the reality on the island and believes the electoral process could be "even more democratic."

"I consider myself a dissident and I don't like having that adjective taken away from us from those who correspond with the official positions of global hegemonic power," said Castro during a conference at the New York Public Library where she spoke about rights in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual community in her country.

You can imagine the gasps and guffaws this statement would have elicited from the audience if the New York Public Library would have allowed anyone besides those approved by the Castro regime into the room. But alas, Mariela Castro's ridiculous and offensive comment fell partly on sympathetic and sycophantic ears and partly on empty seats.

Via Enrisco (my translation):

I received this indirect report regarding the presentation by MC in NYPL:

"Some friends of mine who tried to attend the event told me that there were many empty seats and that the majority of the attendees were supporters of the regime. Although my friends did not have reservations, they tried to get in but were not allowed to enter even though there were many seats available. Not even the correspondent from Radio Marti was allowed to enter, and they denied entry to the Univision team as well. One member of the press told them after the event that there were plenty of empty seats."

For this the Obama administration decided to grant Mariela Castro a visa. One thing for certain, as a scandalous event, Visagate has not been disappointing.

10 comments to Visagate: Mariela Castro speaks to empty seats in NYC, calls herself a ‘dissident’

  • asombra

    Note CNN does not specify she's the daughter of Cuba's current dictator, which might make her look just a tad more, uh, biased. As for the NY Public Library people that clearly acquiesced to her wishes and, in fact, ran interference for her to spare her any "unpleasantness," well, what can one say that's not already obvious? Same shit, different day. If the usual suspects didn't have a double standard, they'd have no standards at all. Miserable frauds.

  • asombra

    FYI, the organizer of the event at the NYPL was:

    Jason Baumann
    Coordinator of LGBT Collections
    The New York Public Library

  • asombra

    The "dissident" bit is simply unworthy of comment. It's beneath contempt.

  • asombra

    Well, maybe I misunderstood, and Mariela meant she was a dissident from decency.

  • FreedomForCuba

    Pass me the barf bag...

    Mariela and her BS public relations American tour (sponsored by the Obama administration). The same administration that claims it wants liberty for Cuba.

    Regarding Cuba the only freedoms that the Obama administration sponsors are for the members and supporters of the Castro tyranny to travel to the US to spread their BS Communist propaganda.

  • FreedomForCuba

    "Well, maybe I misunderstood, and Mariela meant she was a dissident from decency."

    You can only expect indecency from the Castro family of scumbags, it is rooted deep within their DNA.

  • FreedomForCuba

    And the Castro News Network is living up to its reputation.

    I hope it goes bankrupt in the near future...

  • ranavy33

    Her use of the word "dissident" is another example of the corruption of language under the Regime, like the word "free".

  • asombra

    Not to mention the word "democratic" Pure Orwell.

  • asombra

    Oh, and get this: Dr. Anthony Marx, the president of the NYPL, was involved since his youth (early 1980's) in the fight against apartheid in South Africa. In other words, the whole anti-apartheid process has been a very big deal to him. Evidently, that has little or no bearing on how he sees the situation in Cuba and those (like Mariela Castro) who are responsible for maintaining it. I simply cannot for a second imagine he'd have hosted a daughter of Botha who wanted to "sell" her father's regime and system in the US. You do the math.