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castro Loving Useful Idiot Gore Vidal Dead

The MSM is reporting that Gore Vidal died yesterday, at the age of 86.

However, the following proves Gore Vidal was already brain dead back in 2007:

My take is that Cuba is probably more successful for the people who live in it. It was so rare to see a contented people. Everything they’re doing, thus far—I don’t know what they’re doing secretly—but what they are doing is very good. There is no sullenness among the people which you get with great masses that don’t quite know what their government is.

* * *

UPDATE Pitbull: Here's a video of the (in)famous (almost) fight between William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal:

8 comments to castro Loving Useful Idiot Gore Vidal Dead

  • asombra

    Another case of dubious celebrity causing embarrassing delusions of discernment. Fool.

  • asombra

    All Vidal ever really wanted was attention, and being "controversial" was just the ticket.

  • asombra

    Kalki? Never heard of it. Probably for good reason.

  • asombra

    Vidal was a kind of would-be Oscar Wilde, who also craved attention, but had much more talent.

  • drillanwr

    I love that oldie but goodie...

  • Honey

    I always despised Vidal and never thought him clever. He was a latter day Bill Maher, an adolescent who loved to show off with, "Look what I can say." He had no wit, was anti everything I believed in and destructive. How do these creatures get popularity? Why do so many Americans feel brave to love these cretins?

    • Just like Norman Mailer. I've attempted to read Mailer's novels and could only finish one, The Executioner's Song. A minor masterpiece, I think. Then again, it's non-fiction, written in the style of Capote's In Cold Blood. Kalki was a distasteful book in that presented us -- Americans -- as hucksters who would do anything for a buck -- even destroy the world. While I know that thinking exists, it is not the essence of what America is, in the least. I certainly won't miss him or books.