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“Chains”? Don’t Sweat It, Joe …


Note: Biden did not actually say what is in the photo's "quotes". They are there for comedy purposes, much like SNL does ... You know like, "I can see Russia from my house".

The Obama camp admits claims it's not at all worried about the VP debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, even after the volume of gaffes Biden has made in the last four years, and most recently...

DANVILLE, Va. — The Obama campaign said Tuesday it is confident Vice President Biden will be an effective foil for GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, despite Biden's latest gaffe.

The vice president made headlines Tuesday when he told a crowd here that the GOP ticket’s policies would put “y’all back in chains.” The remark came in reference to Wall Street regulations, but the Romney campaign seized on it to say Biden and Obama had hit a new low.

The unscripted comments highlighted Biden’s propensity for off-the-cuff statements — which at times have caused the White House embarrassment. But Biden aides say the occasional slip-ups are far outweighed by the positives the vice president brings to the table.

“Vice President Biden has been the president’s partner and top surrogate on the campaign trail, and no one is fighting harder to ensure the president is reelected in November,” a campaign official said. “He continues to travel across the country making the case for what’s truly at stake in this election and why President Obama is the right choice for middle-class workers and their families.”

I cannot improve on this jewel from the article's comments section:

"Oh come ON! Ryan gave us six minutes of incredibly detailed, intelligent, eloquent, respectful and well-researched commentary on the failings of the proposed health care bill. Biden hasn't produced six minutes of intelligent conversation in his entire life."

If you recall the VP debate in 2008 between Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin, Biden was a little restrained in the typical Biden gaffes, but at moments was condescending to the then female Alaska Governor. (Just my observations at the time because I think he went into the debate believing Palin was beneath him on intellect and in gender.) But we know Paul Ryan's ability for strong opposition in a debate. As the above comment states, the guy knows his stuff and can unfailingly define and express it in cold hard facts.

Joe Biden, however, has a history that says otherwise...

Speaking of "Chains", Joe...


3 comments to “Chains”? Don’t Sweat It, Joe …

  • mattmurphy

    Would it be uncharitable for me to suggest that, in the vice-presidential debate, Paul Ryan is going to shadow-box Joe Biden, rip the tie off his suit, and eat it with a side of sausage links on national television?

    This seems to me like the sort of thing Biden would say when prompted to give his thoughts. In fact, considering that Biden assured the country that we would be subjected to an enemy attack within six months of Obama being elected, it seems like the sort of thing Biden might say about himself.

  • asombra

    The problem is not Biden, but people who'd vote someone like him into office AND keep him in it. Same goes for any bad politician--including, obviously Obama.

  • asombra

    How could such an embarrassing clown become and stay senator so long? Never mind.