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Sherritt officials convicted in Cuba

Former Sherritt CEO Ian Delaney yukking it up with business chums

A Cuban court has convicted a dozen people of corruption including workers at Empresa Moa Nickel SA, a joint operation of Cuba and Toronto-based mining company Sherritt International Corp...part of a wider crackdown on graft that caught up several foreigners and sent a chill through the small foreign business community...Sherritt representatives did not immediately reply to phone and e-mail messages seeking comment.

And WAIT?!..who's that bald guy in these pics from 2008 ???...why isn't that Carlos Lage?!... But should'nt he be Cuba's head of state nowadays???...Isn't that what ALL the EXPERTS assured???....sure seems I recall it that way:

Lets' start with a show on American Public Radio's Marketplace dated Jan. 18, 2008:

"In March, (2008) Cuba's National Assembly will name Cuba's president and Cuba experts uniformly predict that for the first time in 50 years, Cuba's president won't be a Castro. So who will he be?"

"It's Carlos Lage...This is a time when Cuba's leadership moves toward generational change." ("Phil Peters is the oft-quoted "Cuba Expert" at the Washington D.C based Lexington Institute)

"Well, there's only one leading contender—It's Carlos Lage." (Jaime Suchlicki, Univ. of Miami.)

Now over to the prestigious BBC, Feb.21, 2008:

"Carlos Lage is already a kind of de facto prime Minister. The new Cuban brand will be pragmatic and flexible." (Brian Latell former head of the CIA's Cuba division, Univ. of Miami.)

Now over to the Miami Herald, Feb 2, 2007:

Carlos Lage is key in all this. Lage wants to move ahead with economic reforms...Raul comes in and makes Lage his right-hand man." (Wayne Smith was chief of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana under Pres. Jimmy Carter and is director, of the Cuba Program at the Center for International Policy)

Now over to the New York Times from Feb. 21, 2008

"Fidel and Raúl Castro said in recent months that they have an obligation not only to lead but also to yield to a younger generation of leaders. At the top of the list of possible candidates to share power with Raúl Castro or become first vice president is Carlos Lage." (Julia Sweig is Cuba Expert at the Council on Foreign Relations)

Now over to CNN News. Feb. 19 2008

"Castro is now going out on his own terms, securing a smooth transition to his brother and to a younger generation of leadership in Cuba......such as Vice President Carlos Lage." (Peter Kornbluh is Senior analyst for the National Security Archive at George Washington University.)

4 comments to Sherritt officials convicted in Cuba

  • There's a certain Cuba Expert that must be a little more than concerned with these Sherritt convictions...

  • FreedomForCuba

    Please spill the beans Val,

    Is this so called "Cuba expert" worried that he may be caught in this mess and end up in a Cuban jail?

  • asombra

    Take a good look at Delaney: it's the face of obscenely immoral greed. Filthy lucre indeed. But alas, there's worse: Cubans doing, or willing to do, essentially the same thing, and some of them even expect to be thanked and admired for it.

    And btw, is Delaney related to Jimmy Carter? He sure looks like him, and probably not just physically.

  • Fuzzy_Bunny

    "Sherritt officials convicted in Cuba"

    Actually, none of the people listed in the articles as being convicted were Sherritt officials. Some were officials of a second company that jointly operates a project with Sherritt. But they were not Sherritt execs, per se.

    That could change, some Sherritt official might get convicted. But I would be astonished if Cuba did that because I think Cuba still wants Sherritt expertise in the country.