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  • Rayarena: Asombra: “The NYT knows exactly what the score is, as it always has, but it’s simply playing its long-accustomed...

  • asombra: Cuba is doing what suits Castro, Inc., period. But let’s give due credit: the regime could hardly be clearer. It’s...

  • asombra: Che Guevara, for one, was all for the USSR crushing the Hungarian uprising, just as Fidel later kissed Soviet ass by being all...

  • asombra: Carlos, it’s OK. They’re Latrines, which means their concept of shame and disgrace is VERY different from yours, so...

  • asombra: The NYT is simply protecting its creature, its Frankenstein, as it always has and always will. The Herbert Matthews business was...

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Hideously embarrassing Historical reminder


All from a superb (but long and in Spanish ) slide show below. (requires two clicks and Microsoft Power Point. If any of our resident techno-wizards can link it more efficiently--please have at it.)


can't hear you

"NO! CALLATE!!!" say many Cubans. "Everybody knows it's ALL Herbert Matthews' fault!"

(Una ola de repression en nuestra Cuba!...Un huracan acercandose!... y este Fontova se antoja con ESTAS BOBERIAS!!!--de hacen mas de MEDIO SIGLO!!!...pero que tipo mas INSOPORTABLE!)

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