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Barack Obama, we hardly knew you

In 2008 Barack Obama rode a wave of enthusiasm and optimism into the White House. Many of us saw what was going on at the time but in hindsight it becomes easier for the average American who is not a political junkie to decode.

In 2008, most voters did not know of Barack Obama, he was a blank canvas onto which many of them could project their aspirations. A compliant and ideologically sympathetic mainstream media played its part making sure that canvas remained pristine while it send dozens of reporters to Alaska to look for dirt on the Republican VP nominee. So Obama won and he won with great expectations upon him.

Fast forward four years. Obama continues to be an enigma to most voters they still don't really know who he is. And that's the problem. After nearly a full term as president they feel like they should know him but they don't. What they do know is that those aspirations they projected on him haven't come true. That is unless they aspired to be unemployed, on welfare and/or food stamps.

Does this mean that many of them will switch sides and vote against Obama this year? I suspect some will. But I suspect something else will happen. The wave of enthusiasm simply won't be there for Obama. 2-3% of his 2008 supporters who are usually not very politically active simply won't show up on election day. On the flip side, unenthusiastic GOP-leaners from 2008 are going to be riding the anti-Obama wave of the Republican base, riding it right in the polling place. These differences are going to be enough to to give Romney/Ryan a substantial win and a mandate.

President Obama has only himself to blame. If he had acted like the post-partisan, post-racial president he promised he would be then he would have moderated his positions. He would have enacted policies to foster growth. He would have prioritized the economy over the pet issues of the socialists like universal healthcare. He would have made tough decisions about the budget. Instead, as we all know, he chose to conduct an ultra partisan war against common sense. And soon all Americans will know Barack Obama...

As "Former President of the United States of America"

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