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Yeah! Let’s ride our motorcycles through hell and laugh at the torments of the damned!


Another exciting people-to-people program to that exotic island full of "pulsating rhythms" and noble savages whose happy demeanor will "quickly have visitors seeing beyond politics."

Added bonus: This article comes with an online poll, asking readers whether or not they are interested in traveling to Cuba.  Right now the "YES!" category stands at 88.46%, the "No" category at 11.54%.  It's a landslide!  (probably only a few dozen votes, total)  So, take the chance to cast your vote.  Tell your friends and family about the poll, too.

USA Motorcycle Riders to Hit the Roads of Cuba

From U.S. Rider News

License to operate motorcycle tours of Cuba awarded to MotoDiscovery

MotoDiscovery, a Texas-based tour company known as a pioneer in cutting-edge adventure travel by motorcycle, has been granted a special license to operate tours to Cuba for US motorcycle touring enthusiasts. The license, (#CT-19070), issued by the US Department of Treasury through the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), reflects a recent and long-awaited development in US government foreign policy and finally makes motorcycle travel to Cuba a reality for US citizens previously denied the legal authority to explore Cuba on two wheels. Soon the sounds of motorcycle engines will be harmonizing with the pulsating rhythms of Cuba’s unmistakable musical beat. This is a dance that the adventurous USA motorcycle rider has been waiting for.

The license grants MotoDiscovery the authority to operate “people-to-people, non-academic educational exchange” programs to Cuba, with the rationale that U.S. travelers can become ambassadors for democratic change on the island through increased contact between the Cuban citizenry and their yanqui neighbors. A comprehensive selection of 15 day and 10 day tours are scheduled to begin November of 2012 and carrying through March of 2013.

“Cuba is a perfect complement to other MotoDiscovery destinations such as South America, the Middle East, Europe and the Indian sub- continent.” says MotoDiscovery founder Skip Mascorro, who for over thirty years has carved his niche in the world of motorcycle adventure travel, sharing riding destinations often known for difficulty of access and intrigue, not necessarily for mass tourism appeal. “Motorcycle touring to exotic locations provides a more active and participatory kind of travel experience. Unconventional travel destinations such as Cuba are far more rewarding when accomplished on a motorcycle,” adds Mascorro.

Pushing aside political controversies, “No matter what the policies of governments may be, at the ‘people to people’ level, there is this universal mutual respect, curiosity and an inherent desire to be welcoming. This is a human character we‘ve experienced in some of the most unlikely regions of the world and, to our pleasure, with people that can be wrongly perceived to be hostile,” claims Mascorro, who says that the gracious Cuban demeanor will quickly have visitors seeing beyond politics and experiencing a beautiful land and a fascinating culture inextricably tied to that of the USA.

continue reading here to raise your blood pressure and to take part in their poll

Look how exotic!  Vrooooom!

Look how exotic! Crumbling plaster! Communist icons! Vrooooom!

2 comments to Yeah! Let’s ride our motorcycles through hell and laugh at the torments of the damned!

  • Honey

    They did ask for a comment. I gave them one:

    This is disgusting. Visit the zoo of Cuba where the human specimens are poor, mistreated, beaten, put in prison merely for asking for freedom, are allowed no internet, live in a tyranny where no one can own a library, or fish! (This is an island) without government permission, where every worker is paid slave wages, not permitted to say or do anything without permission from the government.
    What are you people thinking? Visit Cuba to give money to the tyrants and help pay for their tyranny? Count me out.
    When Cubans are freed from the jails and are free to come and go as they please and have freedom in their lives, then maybe. But until then, everyone should stay away.

  • Carlos Eire

    Thanks, "Honey"... and thanks also for your great analysis of Obamaggedon!