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“She is the walrus, goo goo g’joob.” Che’s svelte daughter lecturing near Liverpool.


"Che Guevara was just Papi to me': Daughter of icon revolutionary talks of her beloved father for the first time.

He was a man who knew how to love. I had to love him back."

BTW Walrus Aleida is always traveling and lecturing...ever wonder why --unlike Mariela--she never comes to the U.S.? She could probably get a U.S. visa for the asking.


Che with his "Super-Freak--Super-Freak" new bride Aleida "teta-manchada" March as she was known to many testosterone-addled Cuban boys (but I repeat myself) of Santa Clara in the late 1950's. Her birthmarks also extended to famous female features further south, I'm told. Any of ya'll know any Cuban men in their early 70's from the Santa Clara area might ask. I've heard it from several. In brief: Aleida March got around.

Sorry gang, but we've got an "oldies" album spanning three decades with this post. Couldn't control myself.

(As a rule, it's best to avoid personal attacks like: "she is the walrus goo goo g'joob."..."her mother's a super-freak--super-freak!" (But I'll make a MAJOR exception for this family)

4 comments to “She is the walrus, goo goo g’joob.” Che’s svelte daughter lecturing near Liverpool.

  • Carlos Eire

    Hey! You're insulting the walrus!

    One thing for sure: Aleida ain't relying solely on her ration book for sustenance.

    Class warfare, Castrolandia-style.

  • Gabriel

    My parents used to tell me that one time one of Che kids mention in a national television in Cuba that her father wasn't that great of a men that everyone make him seem, and the moment she said that there was a blackout in whole country.

  • asombra

    Every ounce on this vile cow comes from food that ordinary Cubans CANNOT get through normal channels, if at all, and which belongs to them, not her. She provides NOTHING of practical use to ordinary Cubans. She is, in fact, a porcine parasite on the country her father, that damned alien psychopath, helped to destroy. All she ever does is protect her meal ticket and sole source of status: Daddy’s memory. However, she’s too stupid and clumsy to do it well, so it comes off like what it is—opportunistic bullshit.

  • asombra

    The March woman looks cheap and nasty, not to mention thrilled to have caught a big fish. And Che, of course, couldn’t possibly shave or wear anything but military fatigues for his wedding (though presumably he bathed for the occasion). The big cigar is a nice touch, no? Probably compensating for smallness elsewhere. Photo caption: "El Triunfo de la Chusma." I'm telling you, Cubans were so idiotic it's mind-boggling, and that's not the half of it.