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Real Hard To Feel Sympathetic


About those striking public school teachers in Chicago...

While 12% of American students go to private schools ... 39% of Chicago public school teachers' kids go to private schools. Hmm? One reason might be that, "Seventy-nine percent of the 8th graders in the Chicago Public Schools are not grade-level proficient in reading, according to the U.S. Department of Education, and 80 percent are not grade-level proficient in math." Not only that, but the Chicago teachers want no part of accountability for their students' test scores. So much for those fellow comrades-in-linked-arms fighting for the children.

Also, while the Chicago teachers union is striking for a pay increase that will grow their salaries just about twice that of the average income of taxpayers living in Chicago (and paying those teachers' salaries) the Chi-town teachers have the shortest school year among the nation's largest metro areas.


You can return, or factory recall, a poorly made product, but you can't return or recall a poorly educated public school student.

18 comments to Real Hard To Feel Sympathetic

  • Fuzzy_Bunny

    I am not particulary sympathetic but, to be fair about the minutes of instruction in high schools in Chicago, the data in the figure is outdated. After 2011, the school days in Chicago high schools were scheduled to be extended from 7 to 7.5 hours a day, which put them on par with the National average.

    When the strike is settled, we'll find out whether it stays at 7.5 hours a day or whether the teachers got it reduced back to where it was.

  • Give us all of the sources for your figures, Fuzz. If you can play, so can we.

  • Fuzzy_Bunny

    Let me say again, I am not particularly sympathetic with the strikers in Chicago. I was just pointing out that the data hotair used was really outdated.

  • Honey

    When I saw that video of the teachers celebrating and having a ball in the streets, "More fun than I have ever had," one said, I was disgusted. This is what is teaching students in Chicago. Such irresponsibility and selfishness. And who paid for all of those matching red T shirts?
    I still believe this is all a put up job with Obama and unions in cahoots.

  • drillanwr

    It was supposed to be Open House at my Lizzie Rose's public jr. high last Wednesday.

    I got a call from her 'special needs' classroom teacher late in the afternoon that day after school had let out. She was giving me a heads-up not to bother coming because the school district teachers were refusing to show up for Open House out of protest for some dispute they were having with the district. Lizzie's teacher isn't paid by the school system. She's county. Anyway, she wasn't sure the school door would even be open if she showed up to meet parents, or if she would be met with anger for not being sympathetic to their 'statement'. I asked her if the teachers might be on the verge of a walkout, but she's not in their loop so she couldn't say. But it would involve Lizzie's classroom not being available as I see the teachers having a fit if the county allowed their picket line to be crossed. Anyhow, we'll see...

  • asombra

    Wait, and these people want more money? On account of what, that they need it to pay for more personal stuff? Because the results of their work in terms of student performance are downright pathetic. Obviously, there's no sense of dignity or propriety here, just "Gimme." And if so many can afford private schooling for their kids, how can they claim to be underpaid? Or is it that ALL of them want to send their kids to private school? What is wrong with that picture? Incredible.

  • "Let me say again, I am not particularly sympathetic with the strikers in Chicago. I was just pointing out that the data hotair used was really outdated.'

    No, you have challenged one portion of the data, without providing any support for your challenge. In no way does that even closely means that there is anything at all wring with Hotair's data.

    Elsewhere in this site, I've posted my own data, andd my numbers concur with Hotair's, and the data posted in this thread.

    Like drillanwr, I backed up my data with sources.

    Once you do that, then you have something, until then, you have nothing.

    Teachers in Chicago work a 6 hour and 45 minute work day, which includes a 45 minute lunch break.

    For that, they get paid an average of %75K per year, and turn out failing students.

  • FreedomForCuba

    And yet these teachers are not happy with a 16 percent pay increase during an economic cycle in which you can consider yourself lucky if you get a 3-6 percent raise at all.

    I'll bet these dumb-asses will be voting for Obama too...

  • Fuzzy_Bunny

    "No, you have challenged one portion of the data, without providing any support for your challenge. In no way does that even closely means that there is anything at all wring with Hotair's data."

    Not true. I submitted it last night. My post should still be in the "moderation" queue, unless a babalu administrator deleted it. I don't know why, but sometimes babalu holds my posts for moderation and sometimes it does not. I assume George or someone can find my submitted post awaiting moderation and unlock it.

  • Fuzzy_Bunny

    Luis, here is my post (slightly edited for clarification) from last night ... (I'm not sure, but I think what happens is when I post with the 'Notify me when others comment' box checked the post gets submitted for moderation ... if I do not click the box then the post gets made right away ... perhaps a Babalu techy can look into that):

    I figured you could use Google, George. The extended school day thing in Chicago (for the 2012-13 school year, although it went into effect in a few schools earlier) was widely reported so there are many sources on the web reporting this. Well, anyway, here you go:

    "Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Jean-Claude Brizard today announced that elementary schools will adopt a 7-hour day next year and high schools will adopt a 7 1/2-hour day as CPS moves from the shortest school day and year of any major city to a calendar aligned with national averages. This announcement comes after meetings and discussions with parents who expressed concerns and wanted to be more involved in setting the length of the day."

    "High school students will get an additional 34 minutes of instruction, with the full day now totaling seven and a half hours, announced Chicago Board of Education President David Vitale."

    But as I said before, when the two sides settle the strike this could be reversed (in whole or in part). We will have to see what comes out of the negotiations.

  • Fuzzy...sorry, but you don't get to say "not true" to me.

    The fact that your data wasn't visible at the time that I posted my response doesn't make my response not true, it just makes yours incomplete.

    Your response, the one that you made the claim on, had no substantiation, and that's where the substantiation should have bee introduced...when you made your original claim.

    So there was absolutely nothing untrue about my post.

    Still, all in all, Hotair's data was based on the latest available information posted by the Chicago Public School System, on the 2011 school year...posting data on the current school year would be a difficult thing to do, since they less than a semester into it, so Hotair posted the most current data available.

    Last, and certainly not least...Chicago teachers (in 2011) were the highest paid teachers in the US, and worked the least hours.

    Putting them "on par with national average" would mean increasing their hours, but not their pay.

    Your sophistry may go over well with CPS alumni, brain-dead "social justice" useful idiots, progressives, and political Gilligans, but not me.

    And please forgive the redundancies in my previous sentence.

  • Fuzzy_Bunny

    Luis, come on. The graphic said "Chicago has shortest school year among largest metro areas" making it appear that the same was true now. Apparently, it is not. Case closed. Posting 2011 data is fine but it is dishonest to use old data as the basis of an argument if the data is known to be outdated. And if the use of old data was an honest mistake, then it is immature to get upset when someone politely points out that the old data is outdated in a significant way.

    Let me say again, I am not particularly sympathetic to the teachers and I think it is a travesty that so many of them refuse to send their kids into the system, and that by all accounts those teachers are overpaid. I am not disagreeing with anything in the story except the use of the one outdated graphic.

  • Honey

    Boy, Fuzzy, you do love to nitpick.
    This website is one of my favorites because they are full of ideas that I cling to. It is much more fun than you are making it seem.

  • FreedomForCuba

    The bottom line here is that Miami-Dade and Broward county teachers wished they were making the money Chicago teachers are.

  • Fuzzy Bunny is a classic 'buzz-kill' guy. He must be loads of fun at parties...

  • "Posting 2011 data is fine but it is dishonest to use old data."


    I thought it was sophistry. I was wrong.

    If you and I were to have a discussion about cancer-related deaths in the U.S., we'd use last year's data. If we were to have a similar conversation about traffic fatalities, we'd use last year's data.

    Last year's data is all that's available because this year's data has not be fully recorded...this year isn't over.

    The data for the Chicago Public Schools is unique. When it addresses the 2011 school year, that school year ended three months ago, so three months ago, and by default for the first six months of 2012, the Chicago school teachers were making $75K a year in salary, and working 6.5 hours a day.

    You want dishonesty?

    You want to ignore that and instead argue that the four weeks of 7.5 hour days that they've worked this school year, is the data that we should take into consideration when debating this issue.

    Well Fuzzy (I am glad that we're on a first name basis), let's play by your rules, shall we? We're going to use the freshest, most current data, and discuss only that.

    Currently, Chicago school teachers are working 0 hours a week, and getting paid $0.

    Chicago taxpayers are finally paying Chicago teachers exactly what they're worth.

  • Currently, Chicago school teachers are working 0 hours a week, and getting paid $0.

    Chicago taxpayers are finally paying Chicago teachers exactly what they're worth.

    Oh, SNAP!

  • Honey

    Double snap from me, too.