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Sacrificial victim informed of the date of his immolation


The outcome of this trial has already been decided, of course, but the king's court must go through the charade of "proving" he is guilty as charged.  Prayers for the victim are in order.  Will his own nation -- so deeply committed to the hotel industry in Castrolandia -- come to the rescue?   Or will he be reckoned expendable and abandoned to the same fate as a common Cuban?

Kingdom of Castrolandia sets trial date for Spaniard charged in deadly crash

From EFE via Fox News Lateeeen-oh

The negligent homicide trial of the Spanish political activist who was at the wheel for the car crash that killed prominent dissident Oswaldo Paya will begin Oct. 5, Cuban official media said Monday.

Prosecutors said they will seek a prison sentence of seven years for Angel Carromero, leader of a youth group in Spain's governing Popular Party.

The Spaniard, Swedish citizen Jens Aron Modig, Paya and fellow dissident Harold Cepero were on their way from the Cuban capital to the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba in a rented car on July 22 when the accident happened.

The vehicle, with Carromero at the wheel, ran off the road and crashed near Bayamo, about 800 kilometers (500 miles) east of Havana.
Paya and Cepero died, while Carromero and Modig suffered relatively minor injuries.

Cuban authorities blame the accident on excessive speed and the driver's failure to heed warning signs about road construction. They say the car was going 120 kph (nearly 75 mph) along a stretch of highway where the speed limit was 60 kph (around 37 mph).

Carromero's trial will take place in Bayamo.

The Spaniard, who suffered minor injuries in the crash, was taken into custody the following day and has been held since July 27 at an Interior Ministry facility in Havana.

Modig was allowed to leave Cuba after giving a statement to authorities. EFE

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