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Thirteen centuries

Here's a audio recording of Brian Cosgrove dying on the 105th floor of 2 World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 as he spoke to 911 emergency services in New York.

I post this so that all of us know who we are fighting. There is nothing new here. In one way or another, Islam, with its many flavors and incarnations, has been at war with the West for thirteen centuries. Roughly, since about the year 800 A.D., when Islam began its conquests of the Arabian peninsula, Persia, the Indian subcontinent, and North Africa.

No one should be surprised at the action of the terrorists that killed our ambassador and four others in Libya last week then. Shame on you if you are. If you think a movie caused this, you are a fool. And, if you think they can be reasoned with, you are an even bigger fool.

Image source: ABC News, Australia

Image source: ABC News, Australia

This is, as Mark Steyn brilliantly described in his book, America Alone, nothing less than a clash of civilizations.

6 comments to Thirteen centuries

  • asombra

    Any religion that calls for or in any way condones killing those who "insult" it is, in effect, calling for or condoning human sacrifice to placate an angry deity. How can that possibly be countenanced in any way, shape or form in this day and age?

  • raddoc

    "And, if you think they can be reasoned with, you are an even bigger fool."
    Nailed. But that's who we have in charge.
    Our nation's conflict with radical muslims leads back to the Barbary Coast pirates. They also believe what they were doing was in honor of Allah and following the teachings. Jefferson punched back pretty strongly. History of course never repeats itself exactly, but there are lessons to learn; provided you are not a fool.

  • raddoc

    Also, where is the outrage from the left that a young child is carrying a sign that says "behead all those who insult the prophet?"

  • FreedomForCuba

    George, there is no shortage of fools in our current society. Most of them voted (or plan to vote) for Obama.

    It figures...

  • ranavy33

    History shows us over and over again that appeasement doesn't work.

  • Honey

    Rush said Maher's movie Religulous made great sport of Islamism. What, no umbrage? Why no killings and terrorism in retaliation?
    Obama and company are doing all they can to make this silly little film the real cause to deflect from the failures of this administration. Freedom will suffer under this administration and much worse if they are elected.