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“You need to get laid!” bitter pinko pundit Tamara Holder advises Michelle Malkin


“Stay classy, Tamara Holder: ‘I need to get laid.?"....’ I’m happily married with two children. You?” (Michelle responds)

The lessons from liberals on civility keep on coming. The latest is courtesy of FOX News legal analyst, Tamara Holder, who said on Thursday that fellow network contributor and founder/CEO of Hot Air Michelle Malkin, is “angry” and “probably needs to get laid” (h/t The Blaze).

Holder, who is second to none in changing the subject and shouting down opposing views when she can’t, made her crude observation while a guest of Don Imus on the FOX Business Network. Malkin, whom Holder has gone toe to toe with on Hannity, was not there at the time to defend herself.

“I don’t know her personally but I am not a fan of her debating style,” Holder proffered. “I think that she probably needs to get laid. She’s very angry.” The rest of the exchange is as follows:

Imus: She needs to get laid?

Holder: Yeah.

Imus: How’s that working out for you, by the way?

Holder: Well not so well, but I’m not angry. I cope with it in other ways.

Malkin responded to Holder’s comments afterward on Twitter, where she wrote: “Stay classy, Tamara Holder: ‘I need to get laid.?"....’ I’m happily married with two children. You?”

(Oye pero la verdad que esta Filipinita es La Candela!)

6 comments to “You need to get laid!” bitter pinko pundit Tamara Holder advises Michelle Malkin

  • drillanwr

    I loathe that bitch Holder.

    She offers nothing to a conversation, and really does wander like a crack-induced idiot under a bridge. She doesn't like Malkin's "debate style"? Well excuuuuuuse her!

    What a disgusting pig.

    But I heard this same crap from people like Begalla and Carville about George W. Bush. "He really needs to get a girlfriend and get laid!"

    It's always a resort to not only suggesting lurid sexual behavior, but involves suggesting infidelity against the person's spouse is somehow the cure in the debate.
    It comes from the left who have no morals and design to kick down the morals and convictions of others just to make themselves feel somehow vindicated.

  • Tamara Holder needs to get a girlfriend and get laid.

  • j alvarez

    Reminds me of Chavez who thought the same about C. Rice and said so on national tv. He even offered one of his cabinet members to do the job. Gutter politics, but unfortunately no surprise.

  • asombra

    Cheap lowlife. Is this the best she can do? And she gets paid for this shit? Talk about projection. Looks like a drag queen, and not an especially passable one. She’s probably got so many personal issues she can’t see straight. Man, this bitch is SAD.

    Tips for Tamara: Righteous anger is always justified and even necessary. If more people were angry like Malkin, this would be a better world, because she's shining a light on darkness. It's not clear what the hell you're doing, but it's at best third-rate cant, and the fact anybody gives you the time of day defies belief. So please, put a lid on it. It's trash and it stinks.

  • asombra

    The photo of Holder looks like Will Ferrell as Joy Behar. Oy.