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“You’ve Got a Friend” (The New York Times assures Castro–yet again)

HerbertMatthewsFidelCastroMedalCarole King and James Taylor

“Without the help of the New York Times, the Revolution in Cuba would never have been." (Fidel Castro on a visit to the New York Times offices in April 1959 to honor Herbert Matthews with a Julio 26 medal. )

"When you're down and troubled and you need a helping hand
and nothing, whoa, nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there to brighten up even your darkest nights.
You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am"

Well, the oil drilling (all the experts said would GUSH!!!) turned up NOTHING--and next month Hugo Chavez looks on his way OUT.

On the other hand, tourism to the Castro fiefdom is booming and just might take up the slack. Any more questions why the New York Times recently published this glossy travel brochure for the Castro regime?

Our friend Ninoska pointed out how, on a visit to Castrolandia in 2002, Carole King sang a personal and heartfelt "You've Gotta Friend" to Castro.


(Now check out who recently crooned the classic with her chum Carole.)

(Oye pera la verdad que a este Fontova le ENCANTA JODER!)

17 comments to “You’ve Got a Friend” (The New York Times assures Castro–yet again)

  • I never liked Carole King. Now I know why. As for her friend, isn't she Canadian?

  • Rayarena

    Leave it up to the New York Times--that cancerous sore--to continuously shill for castro. You would think that at this late stage in the game, after their late Senior Editor, Herbert Matthews, helped castro rise to power, they would at least show some restrain. But no, decency is to much to ask for the most morally bankrupt rag this side of castro's official newspaper, Gramma.

  • Honey

    Even the Arts section of the Times is corrupt. I go there for the reviews and the puzzles. And all I get is propaganda even there. There's no escape. Even in the puzzles.
    No, I do not buy the Times. My liberal boyfriend does and gives me the Arts sections.

  • mattmurphy

    Rayarena: Herbert who? In this era of nanosecond attention spans, it's so hard to keep track of those shills for totalitarians that predate, say, Thomas Friedman (who was on Jeopardy some months ago and could not name the cotton gin as the implement that revolutionized Southern agriculture before the Civil War...oh yeah, this guy's knowledge base is so incredibly vast -- it's been two minutes, let's give him another journalism award!).

    Just kidding. Herbert Matthews was a product of 80 years of palaver from the New York Times. Liberals keep buying it so they keep selling it.

  • asombra

    Well, the NYT is consistent. It’s also so chronically, hopelessly arrogant that it cannot imagine needing to admit serious fault, let alone atone for it. Besides, if it has no qualms about screwing over the US, you think it’s going to have any scruples over Cuba? Please. Not a chance in hell--which is where I’d send it.

    And wait, is that Carole King or Tamara Holder? Nasty face. Let's hope, for little Gloria's sake, that she didn't know King had serenaded Castro in Havana, but even if she did, I doubt it would have stopped her. Ask Santana.

  • asombra

    After the despicable Walter Duranty business, the NYT should have been terrified of ever having anything like that disgrace it again, yet Herbert Matthews obviously happened. This is called intrinsic perversity, and the NYT is still very much at it.

  • asombra

    But you gotta hand it to the Estefans: they've made a silk purse out of a sow's ear, or close enough.

  • Due to my extreme dislike of Carole King, I only watched enough of the video to see what's her name who I have also never liked, and missed Gloria Estefan. Unless she's just a dumb bimbo,which I doubt, I really can't understand how she can hold her head up living in Miami. Professionally, she doesn't have to associate with these people. So why does she?

  • asombra

    Ziva, the Estefans have money and celebrity status, at least in South Florida, and there are always plenty of people willing to associate with and suck up to the rich and famous, no matter how dubious they are. Besides, outside South Florida, all the women in that video are bigger names than Gloria, so it is professionally advantageous for her to work with them in public. Don’t think these things are not analyzed and calculated in those terms, because I'm sure they are.

  • FreedomForCuba


    The Estefans never miss an opportunity to suck up to the American left...

    The ironic part is that at this point in their lives they're wealthy enough that don't need to engage into all that left ass-kissing.

  • asombra

    FFC, I agree it's not primarily about money now, just as it probably wasn't for the Saralegui woman who made a spectacle of herself at the DNC. I think it's about fashion, image and position, about being "in" with the "in" crowd--and these people are not secure or strong enough to resist peer pressure, let alone do what Clint Eastwood did. They all strike me as weak, in more ways than one.

  • asombra

    George, to be fair, "those people" are partly to blame.

  • Asombra, I don't disagree...

  • asombra

    To be clearer, “those people” made too much out of Gloria to begin with, and then, when she started acting dubiously, they mostly let it pass. All very Cuban, apparently.

  • [...] faggot who wrote Castro's travel brochure in the New York Times last week was asked: "Do you think this article might cause you any trouble when you try to go back?" (to [...]