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Mitt Romney Was Wrong About What?

Granted, I know there is a percentage of the 47% that earned and deserve the government checks they receive and rightfully protect (even though, in all reality, the funding for those entitlements are in danger no matter who gets the nod in November). And then there are those who are truly in need and need a hand up (but it never seemes to head in that direction). But then there are those who just believe they were born to it, and so much more...

Protester outside of Romney rally explains how Obama gives all minorities free phones and that is why they should vote for him. Cleveland Ohio, September 26, 2012

For the record, Romney wasn't writing off half of America. He was stating political fact during campaigns and elections. For all Obama's bloviating about he (Romney) needs to be POTUS for all Americans, in over three years we have not seemed to see that from Obama. Ask a diehard democrat why they strictly vote democrat, and they will tell you "Because the democrats are for the working man." Yeah? How's that working out for them?

More @ The Blaze with updates.

8 comments to Mitt Romney Was Wrong About What?

  • asombra

    And yes, there are plenty of people willing to vote for ANYBODY who'll give or even promise them free stuff, regardless of what that means for those who have to pay for that stuff or for the country. And such people, even if they themselves pay NO income taxes, still get to vote and affect the taxes and lives of those who DO pay. This is a TOTALLY screwed up situation, but guess what? Those who can buy votes this way don't give a shit; they only want even MORE such votes.

  • asombra

    Yes, George, but that's moot. The point is it makes a great tool for those who know how to work it, and since all they care about is the gain they can get from working it, you'd better believe they're gonna keep milking it.

  • asombra

    Question: Why should anyone who'd vote for an abysmal, toxic failure for POTUS in exchange for a free phone have ANY right to adversely affect anybody else's life with said vote? In other words, on what basis does such a voter get to screw over those who will wind up paying for the "free" stuff in question, when said voter is not going to do a damn thing for the people being screwed?

  • [...] asombra: Question: Why should anyone who’d vote for an abysmal, toxic failure for POTUS in exchange for a free... [...]

  • pototo

    The greatest enemy of freedom is ignorance. I am not sure we stand a chance with America so dumbed down.

  • mattmurphy

    Here, in one corner, is a woman willing to vote for Obama because he will give her a free cell phone.

    Here, in the other corner, is yours truly -- a guy who considers cell phones a loathsome creation of the human species and who would, under the right circumstances, be more than willing to part with the one I own.

    Is it just possible we can reach an understanding? Say, trade in cell phones for Romney votes -- or even just staying home on election day?


  • asombra

    No, Obama will make somebody else pay for her cell phone. But of course, she thanks the extortionist.