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You didn’t really think that the Obama administration would interrupt tourism to Cuba, did you?


People to Schmeople.   Unbridled Tourism and Indoctrination is more like it.  Back at it again.  This administration tweaked its rules slightly for a few weeks, to increase its toughness profile artificially.  But the old charade is back in full swing again.

I want my mojitos and my full Potemkin experience...Blah, blah, blah....  I wanna ride my Harley from one end of the island to the other.... I wanna dance genuine "salsa" with a cigar rollin' woman....  I wanna see donkey-ridin' barefoot peasants and natives who drink straight out of coconuts....  Blah blah blah....

The net result is that the levee has broken once again, and as the flow of dollars is renewed into the slave plantation, the misinformation and lies will flow into the empty heads of the privileged, condescending neocolonialists.

Cuba 'people to people' trips back on track for Americans

USA Today

8:38AM EST October 3. 2012 - After months of bureaucratic red tape and delays that forced several U.S. companies to cancel their popular "people to people" Cuba programs, the trips appear to be back on track.

New York-based Insight Cuba received its renewal license from the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) late last week and is featuring more than 100 departures for the remainder of 2012 and 2013. It brought about 3,000 Americans to Cuba between August 2011 and June 2012, but had dropped 150 trips and laid off 22 staff members after its license lapsed.

Other travel companies getting recent governmental green lights to extend or launch Cuba cultural tours include Friendly Planet,Grand Circle Foundation, Geographic Expeditions and MotoDiscovery, which offers motorcycle tours led by Cuba expert and guidebook author Christopher P. Baker.

Authorized by President Obama last year as a way to boost Americans' engagement with everyday Cubans despite a five-decade U.S. trade embargo to the communist island, the 140 licenses for "people-to-people" programs have been in high demand with many programs sold out or wait-listed through 2012.

The licenses exclude trips that are "primarily tourist oriented" and require mandatory participation in "a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities." But in May, in response to reports of "abuses," the Treasury Department tightened regulations. It now requires U.S. companies to provide a sample itinerary, assign a representative to each tour and explain how the exchanges would "enhance contact with the Cuban people, support civil society, and/or help promote the Cuban people's independence from Cuban authorities."

The OFAC license application grew from six pages to "essentially hundreds of pages," notes the Detroit Free Press, and "organizations seeking renewal had to document every minute of every day for every single trip they had done in the past year" to prove they were not engaging in regular tourism.

tourist 2

2 comments to You didn’t really think that the Obama administration would interrupt tourism to Cuba, did you?

  • asombra

    Puerto Rico is called "La Isla del Encanto." Cuba should be called "La Isla del Relajo," which it is in every way imaginable. As I keep saying, I can't get too upset with non-Cubans pulling this kind of shit because too many Cubans do the same or worse. When people are not serious, they won't be taken seriously. Simple as that.

  • asombra

    The lower pic suggests a better title: "Cuba, la isla prostituida."