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  • j alvarez: Very clear, congratulations. “There is a great deal for us to rethink: projection, messages, strategies and even...

  • RuyDiaz: “My first thought was what percentage of those have ever had a spontaneous thought about Cuba much less studied the matter...

  • Rayarena: What I want is a little bit of consistency in life. If the mainstream media is always howling about how the president should...

  • Honey: I have no choice but to call them communists. They side with our enemies and do harm to our friends and rejoice at the confusion...

  • Rayarena: Honey, I agree with you vis-a-vis the hatred against Israel and Jews. I would say that the Arabs in the United States and their...

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For your entertainment

It has been said that we should all make sure to take some time out to "stop and smell the roses" during the course of our otherwise busy day.

I have no roses for you, but I do want to share something that has always fascinated me...miniature railroads.

Click "play", sit back and enjoy the wonders of a miniature world.

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