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All will be revealed…

Even if fidel castro is alive, he's not long for this world. And when it's made official we will finally see what the international media has traded its independence and any degree of objectivity it may have had for access to the prison island. My prediction is that will be lame and that every single media outlet will have exactly the same coverage.

4 comments to All will be revealed…

  • FreedomForCuba


    We're expecting it, and it won't matter anyway because by that time Fidel Castro will be (if already not) in Hell for eternity to pay for his many sins.

    In time the MSM will pay for their complicity with Fidel Castro.

  • I keep thinking about those Twitter messages that Dr. Eire posted yesterday, and the subsequent (and expected) denial.

    What is more important to the power structure in Cuba right now?

    Playing games with Cuban exiles, or controlling the manner, the how and when, that the inevitable announcement will be disseminated?

    It is inevitable.

    I tend to see an scenario where the original Twitter messages were more truth than not, and the denial was more a lie than truth.

    To the Cuban government, the "proper" handling the news of Fidel's death, which includes the crafting of the appropriate official news release, is of far greater importance than what we may, or may not do here. This is not one of those "crying wolf" things, Miami will react to the real death in an explosive manner, no matter how many "cry wolf" rumors came before the real news.

    Fact...the fucktard is going to die, and we're going to be here to give him a proper "welcome to Hell" celebration when he does, no matter how many times they play the "Castro died" rumor game.

    I think that if he's not already dead, he's being sustained artificially.

  • FreedomForCuba

    "I think that if he's not already dead, he's being sustained artificially."

    Agreed Luis, I think that this time the rumors are for real, all you have to see is the very deteriorated condition Fidel Castro was when the Pope visited Cuba earlier this year.

    I think Raul and company are working on how to deliver the bad news because they don't know how things will unravel in Cuba once Fidel Castro's death is announced.

    You must understand that the Cuban people are terrified of Fidel Castro and afraid to revolt, even in the condition he was of late.

    The moment his death becomes official things in Cuba begin to change one way or another, Raul Castro knows it and he's not certain how things will turn out for him and his gang, therefore the game playing and the stalling tactics.

    When you have a country that for fifty three years has been controlled by the cult of personality of a dictator as Cuba has been; no one can predict the outcome in that country when that dictator makes his final exit.