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Wait… Peter Hitchens has more to say about Cuba….

Peter Hitchens (left) stirs up more trouble

Peter Hitchens (left), dissenting, as usual

... and few of his countrymen will like what he has to say.

Pause for a moment.  Think back to those comic book puzzles: "what's wrong with this picture?"

Consider this: why should it be so astonishing that a Briton  actually knows the real history of what has happened under Castro?   Why should he seem to be so odd, so alone, so Quixotic?   How did history get so turned around?

When you are done pondering,  here is some more straight talk on Cuban history from Peter Hitchens:

From Mail Online 19 October 2012:  h/t Fuzzy Bunny

First of all, I was amazed to be challenged by a contributor who doubted my description of Fidel Castro as a ‘torturer’ . Let’s get this over with quickly. Castro is mainly a murderer, his regime having put to death, after appalling summary trials (in some of which ‘not guilty’ verdicts were actually reversed on the spot with the aid of the mob) or no trials at all, scores of opponents in its early years. The revolting Ernesto Guevara was much-involved in that bloodstained era. Visitors to Havana can still see the bullet scars in the walls of the great prison fortress above the city, where the murders were carried out while Guevara lounged on the walls smoking cigars.

And the recent death of the noble and peaceful dissenter Oswaldo Paya in a peculiar road accident seems to me to be a bit suspicious. Castro (or ‘Fidel’ as the Left matily insist on calling him) has also been known to lock people up in ‘drawer’ cells, a form of torture in itself which I will not describe here. Look it up.

But the single best-documented instance of torture under Castro is that inflicted on Castro’s former comrade Huber Matos, who sought to resign from that regime in protest at Communist influence. He was imprisoned for ‘treason and sedition’ for 20 years in 1959. No remission for him. As he recounted, after his release into exile in 1979 ‘prison was a long agony from which I emerged alive because of God's will. I had to go on hunger strikes, mount other types of protests. Terrible. On and off, I spent a total of sixteen years in solitary confinement, constantly being told that I was never going to get out alive, that I had been sentenced to die in prison. They were very cruel, to the fullest extent of the word... I was tortured on several occasions, I was subjected to all kinds of horrors, all kinds, including the puncturing of my genitals. Once during a hunger strike a prison guard tried to crush my stomach with his boot... Terrible things.’

Enough? I’m amazed at the free pass that Castro still gets from so many people. Anyone wanting more should look up the treatment given to the poet Armando Valladares, by the funky Cuban maximum leader. .

...AND... If you'd like to read more Peter Hitchens, see what he had to say last April when a manager who displays a portrait of Che Guevara in his office nearly got away with firing an employee who displayed a small cross on the dashboard of his delivery van.    Read the whole piece here, "Jesus versus Che Guevara." It looks as if the U.K. has its own version of  our Babalu surgeon-in-residence,  Humberto Fontova.

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