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“They smile in your face”–The Backstabbers (as in “Comandante!” Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo)


Probably the ex-political prisoner alive today who suffered the longest term and tortures in the Western hemisphere is Roberto Martin-Perez--who suffered them at Castro's hand and due to Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo's treachery, when the sleazy little bastard infiltrated and betrayed the first conspiracy against Castro in summer of '59.

In his superb book Martin-Perez reveals how Castro-agent Menoyo lured his old friend Luisito Pozo (son of Havana's mayor) into the "Trujillo Conspiracy" against Castro in Aug. 1959. Pozo had been lifelong friends with Menoyo and Luisito's father had probably saved Menoyo's life by interceding when Batista police colonel Esteban Ventura nabbed Menoyo.

Earlier Pozo had lent Menoyo the money to open his "Eloy's bar" in Havana. Martin-Perez recalls how upon his and Pozo's arrest in Aug. 1959 during the Trinidad (or "Trujillo") conspiracy against Castro that "Comandantes!" Menoyo and William Morgan infiltrated and betrayed, Menoyo, (in front of his new Castroite buddies,) repeatedly insulted his lifelong friend and benefactor Luisito Pozo, who stood there utterly aghast--gaping and grimacing--at his "friend's" "testimony"--before he was sent to Castro's prisons and torture chambers, mostly based on "Comandante!" Menoyo's "testimony."

But ("Comandante!!!") Menoyo was then ensconced in a newly stolen house and drove a newly stolen car ("Bienes malversados" of course!) Pozo's loan was surely forgotten, by the newly strutting "Comandante!!!"

An ideal "human-interest story" you might think, right?...Gosh wouldn't an MSM interview with Martin-Perez and others such victims of Menoyo's swinishness and treachery really spice things up media-wise?

HAH!!!....we all know MUCH better. Instead the treacherous weasel Menoyo is getting the soft-soaping from the MSM--especially from those with Havana bureaus.

Babalu poster Ernie Hernandez (Freedom-For-Cuba) also reports how his father and uncle once saved Menoyo's hide by interceding with a Batista police official who had him pegged. When the tables where turned and this same Batista policeman was in La Cabana and Menoyo's bunch triumphant, Ernie's dad and uncle went to see ("Comandante!!!") Menoyo--who laughed in their face.


What they do!
They smile in your face
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)

5 comments to “They smile in your face”–The Backstabbers (as in “Comandante!” Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo)