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Before hitting Atlantic City, Sandy also took a Cuban vacation…..


From Uncommon Sense:

Santiago de Cuba ravaged by Hurricane Sandy
Photos and a few tweets that reveal the damage cause in Santiago de Cuba by Hurricane Sandy.

Go here for more photos and text.


From The Washington Post online:

As Hurricane Sandy devastates Cuba, bloggers rise to the challenge

Cuban bloggers are showing surprising initiative in responding to Hurricane Sandy, which has killed 11 and caused significant damage since making landfall there on Thursday. It’s still not clear how costly the storm will be for Cuba, but 2005?s Hurricane Dennis caused $2.4 billion in damage, about 6 percent of GDP. This week’s hurricane crisis is allowing bloggers to assert their value in a country that does not always welcome them.  Continue reading here.

6 comments to Before hitting Atlantic City, Sandy also took a Cuban vacation…..

  • FreedomForCuba

    Sandy doesn't stand a chance against hurricane Fidel, he has been ravaging Cuba for the last 53 years with no end insight.

  • antonio2009

    The CIA is responsible for this, for having deviated the hurricane path toward Cuba.

  • Honey

    The NYTimes has an editorial today that says Romney is against FEMA because he wants to leave Americans stranded in devastation. Yeah, along with he wants dirty water and air, the elderly to die, and makes workers die, etc. Unlike Obama, who didn't kill anyone in Benghazi and go off to Las Vegas after a good night's sleep to tell the tale of a video.
    But I digress...
    Just think how much better it would be for Cuba if only it had FEMA.

    The links are not working well. Maybe it's the storm.

  • asombra

    Not a problem. This will only mean more revenue for you-know-who. It's all good.

  • asombra

    And re that NYT editorial, has the paper sunk so low that it really cannot behave otherwise?

  • paul vincent zecchino

    Bush. It was Bush what done did this. I know it to be true, because some guys from chicongo done told me.

    You wanna disagree with that? You're a racist.

    That proves it.