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Jay Nordlinger’s ‘Bitterfest 2012′

Jay Nordlinger expounding on how all of us feel: "Bitterfest 2012":

Four years ago, at just this time, I wrote a column headed “Bitterfest ’08.” I pledged a couple of weeks ago that I would not write such a column this year. I pledged to myself, I mean. I said, “If Romney loses, I’m not going to write another Bitterfest column. Just not gonna do it.” I had several reasons, all good.

But here I go . . .

Read them all, please.

4 comments to Jay Nordlinger’s ‘Bitterfest 2012′

  • Mambí

    Wow, that was a strong read. Here are my key takeaways:

    "I think the people are in fact responsible. And often wrong." So true, we have an incredibly ingnorant, ill-informed populace in this 'Democracy'.

    "The Left has . . . what? They have education, the movies, entertainment television, popular music, the news media — the core shaping institutions." That's the only reason the Dems have been able to hold on given their utter failure of a philosophy. Until we capture that environment, our common sensical, rational, decent philosophy will always be on the defensive. I fear it may be too late. However...

    "The to retreat from politics. To give up,... To cede the field to the Left...just give it to them..." "...the temptation is to be resisted."

  • asombra

    Ignorance is not the real problem, otherwise we would also be ignorant for the same reasons. A lot of people are only too happy to be “ignorant” or “clueless” as long as it suits them personally, either because they’re getting or expect some material benefit from it (such as government money, meaning other people’s money) or because it’s fashionable and “cool.” But yes, a lot of people ARE stupid, and I’m not just talking Dems—any Republican who sat out this election because Romney was not “good enough” is far worse than stupid: we’re talking criminal negligence. I simply cannot believe such idiocy.

  • asombra

    Nordlinger's piece is 100% on target. Read it.

  • j alvarez

    Nordlinger hits all the right keys. Giving up makes no sense, but the struggle cannot be just at election time, it's a struggle for genuine and positive values in the culture on an everyday basis, and needs to be well focused: education, the media, social services. Why does Obama target Catholic hospitals? Because they are pominent reference points for a set of values which challenge "liberal compassion", and you don't have to be Catholic to see that.