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Boehner: Election a ‘mandate to work together’ with Dems


Any questions?

6 comments to Boehner: Election a ‘mandate to work together’ with Dems

  • asombra

    Boehner embodies what is wrong with the Republican establishment. He's simply in it to be in it, and stay in it, regardless of what does or does not happen. Ineffectual barely begins to describe him.

  • Lynx

    This guy is an idiot, when GB was elected for his second term, the dems tried everything to make him look bad, and now he wants to be mandated

  • asombra

    Yeah, and keep leaning forward, 'cause that "mandate" will be like constant Viagra. Welcome to President Priapus. You know how it is, gotta put that thing somewhere.

  • Honey

    And yet...Boehner insists he will not raise tax rates on anyone, he will only eliminate some deductions to bring in some revenue on condition that they do some real entitlement reform. He says the ball is in Obama's court and Obama must show leadership. For the moment I believe Boehner.
    But I do wish he had consulted with his party before announcing that he will consider some immigration reform.

  • deganmiles

    "Boehner insists he will not raise tax rates on anyone"

    Well, the Bush era tax cuts expire at the end of the year. That is a fact. If nothing is done then taxes are going up, and there is nothing Boehner can do about it. So in that sense Boehner is bluffing and dissembling. An uncomfortable truth, but there it is.

    The only real question is whether or not Boehner gives the liberals the selective tax cuts for the lower and middle classes that they say they are looking for, or no tax cuts at all. Boehner is between a rock and a hard place.

  • Honey

    He has no control over what the left will do. But if Obama wants to bargain with him he is setting the parameters. It doesn't matter if the country goes over a cliff, our side will be blamed for intransigence. But if the left wants that, let them have it because the alternative is to raise the debt ceiling which Boehner is willing to do for a deal and I don't see how that helps things.
    We are screwed. If only we had someone who could explain why it is exclusively the fault of the left whom the left would listen to.