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Diaz-Balart Condemns Brutal Arrest of Pro-Democracy Activists Antonio Rodiles and Ángel Santiesteban


November 13, 2012


Diaz-Balart Condemns Brutal Arrest of Pro-Democracy Activists Antonio Rodiles and Ángel Santiesteban

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) today condemned the brutal arrest and imprisonment of Antonio Rodiles, director of the Cuban free opinion program entitled, “Estado de SATS,” and fellow pro-democracy activist, Ángel Santiesteban.

“It is an outrage that the Cuban dictatorship violently arrested dozens of pro-democracy activists last week as they expressed their desire for fundamental human rights and freedoms in Cuba.  Antonio Rodiles, a bright, young pro-democracy activist, leader of the “For Another Cuba” campaign, and director of the cutting-edge program “Estado de SATS,” was severely beaten and remains in prison along with fellow pro-democracy activist and protester Ángel Santiesteban.

These brave pro-democracy leaders, and all other political prisoners in Cuba, must be released immediately, and any baseless, trumped up charges facing them must be dropped without delay,” said Diaz-Balart.



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