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The truth behind the death of Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

The Truth in the Deaths of Paya and Cepero

In its continuous pursuit of the truth, the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) has just released a series of Facebook posts on the death of Cuban pro-democracy leader Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero:

No one should forget that the first version of the events that led to the deaths of Oswaldo and Harold came from [imprisoned Spanish youth activist] Angel Carromero, through SMS, to Europe.  That version, which was transmitted minutes after the incident and before Angel was under the control of the Cuban political police, has been ignored by many for the last five months.

'Help, get me out of here, we are surrounded by soldiers' was one of the messages from Angel Carromero from the hospital on July 22nd.

[On the day before], Saturday, July 21st, Aron Modig and Angel Carromero send texts saying Oswaldo Paya was being closely monitored.

Nurses were told Harold Cepero was a terrorist.  They let him die despite having arrived with a fracture.

Angel Carromero said Oswaldo Paya was alive when he was taken out of the car.

Since the beginning, the Spanish government, despite having information about the crime [Paya' and Cepero's murder], adopted a strategy of "self-blame." Now they have to accept that an innocent man, a member of the ruling PP [Partido Popular] serve a prison sentence in Spain for a crime he did not commit. Our problem no longer has a solution   We simply want to know the truth. The problem is now the PPs and its militants, who have remained quiet under an authentic "Law of Silence" imposed by its Foreign Ministry.

1 comment to The truth behind the death of Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá

  • asombra

    Spain is obviously compromised, as it long has been. That's why even under Aznar it was still business as usual with respect to Cuba, the operative word being business. Official language or lip service is one thing, but practical reality is another, and Havana knows that. I don't believe we're ever going to get satisfaction from the Spanish, on this or other scores. They've been screwing Cuba over for centuries; they have obvious related psychopathology, and Cubans themselves have been much too forgiving, thus helping to enable the dysfunctional relationship. It's about time we reconsidered, if nothing else out of dignity. Oh. Dignity. Never mind.