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  • Rayarena: I congratulate Dr. Eire for having his book listed as one of the five best books on Cuba, but I think that the rest of the...

  • antonio2009: I am shocked, shocked, that the New York Times would treat a Cuban exile academic author in that manner. Well, I am going to...

  • Humberto Fontova: Above comments prove that “El professor distraido” is back in FORM! As “distraido” as ever!

  • Carlos Eire: Wait! Retraction. I thought this list was from the New York Times. They listed my book today too, as one of the top 10....

  • Rayarena: By the way, there are actually 5 not 4 Cuban American congressmen. You evidently forgot to include former Miami Mayor Xavier...

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Meme-tastic News Items – Updated


The Blaze: "Obama Admin Going Ahead with F-16 Shipment to Muslim Brotherhood-Ruled Egypt"


HotAir: "Anti-gun Michael Moore’s body guard arrested on gun charges in 2005"


The Atlantic: "Conservatives Think Hillary Clinton Is Faking Her Concussion"


RCP: "Full Event: SC Gov. Haley Formally Appoints Tim Scott To Senate"

Breitbart: "ABC, CBS Ignore Historic Appointment of Only African American Senator"



CBS News: ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Found At Site Where Mexican Beauty Queen Killed

2 comments to Meme-tastic News Items – Updated

  • Honey

    These are all great.

  • Honey

    On the NR cruise one of the speakers said the Republicans nominate great minority people like Mia Love and the dems win the election and then the dems criticize the Reps because we don't have any minority members in office. And if we do, the msmn ignore them and show off all of the minorities and women on the dems side.