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  • asombra: Bottom line: the world will NEVER do right by Cuba. Either Cubans come through or forget it.

  • asombra: García-Margallo looks like the sour-faced brother of Moratinos. Not a good sign.

  • asombra: In the top photo, note who’s doing the talking, and how the token Negro sits quietly like a good boy.

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Cuba: Ricardo Alarcon ousted from Castro Parliament

Breaking news coming out of Cuba indicates that Cuban Parliament President and Castro dictatorship front man Ricardo Alarcon has been unceremoniously shown the door. It seems the Castro regime sent out invitations to their 2013 communist soiree and old Ricardito was not on the list.

The AP via the Miami Herald:

Alarcon apparently out as Cuba parliament chief -- Cuban parliament President Ricardo Alarcon, one of the most influential people on the island and long its point man for U.S. affairs, will apparently be leaving the job he's held for the last 19 years when the body reconvenes next year with new membership.

Alarcon's name was absent from a list of candidates for the new legislature that was published Thursday in Communist Party newspaper Granma. Under the Cuban Constitution, the National Assembly chooses its president from among its ranks.

Alarcon, who has been parliament chief since 1993, is 75 years old, and President Raul Castro, himself 81, frequently speaks of a need to promote younger leaders.

"This looks to me like one more part of a move to replace people in their 70s and 80s with people in their 50s in the top jobs in government," said Philip Peters, a Cuba analyst at the Virginia-based think tank The Lexington Institute.

Cuban officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Rumors have suggested as a possible successor Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, who last week was promoted to the Communist Party's powerful Political Bureau.

Rodriguez is on the list of candidates for the National Assembly, as are Fidel and Raul Castro and rising stars such as Marino Murillo and Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Continue reading HERE.

H/T H.T.

7 comments to Cuba: Ricardo Alarcon ousted from Castro Parliament

  • Eventually, they all fall out of favor.

  • Lynx

    Este nadamas que hablaba mierda, next he'll show up in Miami!

  • Where Oscar Haza will receive him with open arms.

  • FreedomForCuba

    The Robolution eating its own...

  • asombra

    He’s never had real power--just a glorified apparatchik who might as well have been a ventriloquist’s dummy. He owed everything to his unwavering, abject servility, and replacing him is irrelevant for practical purposes--it’ll be a very similar if younger dog with a superficially different collar. These minions are quite interchangeable and meant to be; anybody who shows signs of being a little too idiosyncratic, so to speak, is quickly removed. Massah likes ‘em very predictable and nothing special. Just cogs in the machine--being politically reliable is far more important than actual talent.

  • jsb

    "If everyone were allowed to travel freely, the skies would have huge traffic jams".

  • asombra

    Maybe now he can write "Reflections" for HuffPo, and join his daughter as one of its contributors. I mean, one can't get much more "Cuba expert" than this hideous old fart.