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  • asombra: Cuba’s political class, such as it was, could be seen as its Achilles’ heel. Apart from exceptional cases, it was...

  • asombra: Montaner lives in Spain, and I expect he identifies more with Spaniards than with “those people” and is more in his...

  • Gallardo: If only the suckers sent the stupid uniforms to the “pioneers”, they send millions of dollars to the Castro.

  • asombra: Yes, Fidel was a fraud and a BS artist, and yes, his eternal military get-up was a ridiculous costume, but the real problem is...

  • asombra: Wait, the country is going down the toilet and these women are worried about implants? If that really is a Venezuelan...

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Shooting Our Eye Out


2 comments to Shooting Our Eye Out

  • asombra

    Boehner is an embarrassment. So is Pelosi, but she was considerably more effective for her cause.

  • FreedomForCuba

    Indeed asombra,

    The Democrats and the liberals fight much stronger for their crooked values than the GOP for conservatism.

    The biggest problem lies in the GOP establishment that needs revamping and replacement with Ronald Reagan Republicans...