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  • asombra: Bottom line: the world will NEVER do right by Cuba. Either Cubans come through or forget it.

  • asombra: García-Margallo looks like the sour-faced brother of Moratinos. Not a good sign.

  • asombra: In the top photo, note who’s doing the talking, and how the token Negro sits quietly like a good boy.

  • asombra: Not nearly as deaf as those who wouldn’t listen to basic reason in 2008, and especially in 2012. I am seriously fed up...

  • asombra: I wonder sometimes if these people ever hear themselves write, so to speak. Would they ever criticize ANYTHING said against a...

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Shooting Our Eye Out


2 comments to Shooting Our Eye Out

  • asombra

    Boehner is an embarrassment. So is Pelosi, but she was considerably more effective for her cause.

  • FreedomForCuba

    Indeed asombra,

    The Democrats and the liberals fight much stronger for their crooked values than the GOP for conservatism.

    The biggest problem lies in the GOP establishment that needs revamping and replacement with Ronald Reagan Republicans...