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Finally, a five-star hotel ! Vamos requetebien!

The Melia Varadero

The Melia Varadero

Could this be one of the items extorted from the Spanish neocolonialists in exchange for the return of Angel Carromero, the Spaniard who was sentenced to five years in prison for "causing" the "accident" that killed dissident Oswaldo Paya?

Real Cuba experts know that the island's geriatric military rulers always claim their pound of flesh for any  so-called act of mercy. That Carromero is being sent back to serve his unjust prison sentence in Spain at exactly the same time that a major Spanish hotel chain announces an expansion of its investments in Castrolandia could be pure coincidence, of course. Yeah. Sure.

An open admission of the final ransom paid for Carromero will never be made, as long as the Castro dynasty remains on the throne.  But this deal sure reeks of ransom.

From the Spanish tourist trade web site Mensajeroweb:

Neocolonialists to enhance their exploitation of the Cuban tourist market

The Spanish hotel chain Meliá International announced today that it will be making major investments in Castrolandia during 2013 and the next few years. The main objective of this expansion and improvement campaign is to expand into the luxury market and gain supremacy in that sector of the tourist trade.

The announcement was made by Gabriel García, director of Meliá Cuba.

To begin with, Mr. Garcia announced the opening of Meliá Marina Varadero, which will cater to the boating set and to cruise passengers. He also announced that the Tryp Península Varadero hotel will now be known as the Meliá Península Varadero and will be linked in May 2013 to the cruise ship Servicio Real del Paradisus Princesa del Mar, which will have 108 renovated suites.

In addition, the hotel chain will develop new facilities in a zone known as The Reserve del Paradisus Varadero, with 250 rooms. The target date for the completion of this venture is 2015.

Also on target for 2015 is the opening of a five-star hotel in the historic city of Trinidad, a top tourist magnet, third in significance after Havana and the beaches. This luxury hotel, which is being developed in conjunction with the government agency Cubanacán, will have 400 rooms, several gourmet restaurants and bars, a fitness center, and a ballroom measuring 600 square meters.

The enterprising Mr. Garcia also revealed a long list of improvements to be made immediately. On top of the list are the total renovations of the Meliá hotel Sol Cayo Largo, and the Habana Libre (stolen by the Castro regime from Hilton Hotels in 1960). Also on the list are the Meliá Cohiba and the Meliá Habana, the Meliá Varadero, Meliá Las Américas and the Sol Palmeras.

All these projects have been approved by the military-run agencies Cubanacán and Cubacán, and will be carried out in cooperation with them.

Read the original in Spanish HERE.

1 comment to Finally, a five-star hotel ! Vamos requetebien!

  • asombra

    The Spanish are what they are, so no surprise here. The Meliá vultures have been feeding on Cuba’s carcass for quite a long time, so to them this is just business as usual. What’s actually even more disgusting is that there are Cubans abroad who will stay in these Spanish abominations when they’re on vacation, I mean visiting, in Cuba. It’s rather hard, for me at least, to get really irate at foreign tourists for doing what Cubans themselves are prepared to do.