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Venezuelan government leadership back home… in Cuba

The entire contingent of leaders who currently control the Venezuelan government are back home at their headquarters and the new capital of Venezuela, Havana, Cuba. Fidel and Raul Castro welcomed Venezuela's vice president and their newest marionette, Nicolas Maduro, to Havana where he joins them and his fellow puppet, Hugo Chavez.

Via Bloomberg:

Maduro Arrives in Cuba to Visit Cancer-Stricken Chavez Vice President Nicolas Maduro arrived in Cuba early today to visit President Hugo Chavez, who had surgery Dec. 11 on the communist island for an undisclosed cancer.

After landing at the Havana airport, Maduro went directly to the hospital where Chavez is being treated to meet Chavez’s family members and establish a time to visit the ailing leader, Cuba’s state-run Granma newspaper said on its website.

Maduro, speaking on state television yesterday, said Electricity Minister Hector Navarro would stand in as vice president in his absence. Maduro read a Christmas message earlier yesterday sent by Chavez to the South American country’s Armed Forces.

“I have had to battle again for my health to continue dedicating myself fully to Venezuela’s happiness,” Chavez said, according to the letter read by Maduro on state television. “I am full of faith due to the commitment and loyalty the revolutionary Armed Forces has shown in this complex and difficult time.”

Continue reading HERE.

5 comments to Venezuelan government leadership back home… in Cuba

  • [...] what’s known: Hugo Chávez hasn’t tweeted since November 1st. His family and his VP are now in Cuba, supposedly at his bedside. Evo Morales had traveled to Habana but was not allowed [...]

  • asombra

    And evidently, Venezuelans find this entire surreal business normal and OK. Totally Latrine.

  • j alvarez

    Asombra, many Venezuelans find this as normal as many Americans find normal to have Barack Obama in the White House, and it is also true that many find it as revolting as you find the reelected president telling lies of all kinds.Latrines abound worlwide, some people like them and some find them unsanitary.

  • FreedomForCuba

    Ditto j,

    The issue is that Chavez's character so crude and vulgar that speaks volumes about his follovers, thought the same can be said for many that worship the Communist/Marxist/bullshit artist in America.

    Indeed Latrine mentality is quite abundand around the wolrd these days. Speaks volumes about the current state of society in general.

  • asombra

    Well, yes, the voters of the first nation on earth should have been distinctly superior in discernment and responsibility to those of Venezuela. And yes, relatively speaking, they were just as poor, if not worse.