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Chavez death watch: More visitors flock to the capital of Cubazuela


Looks as if it's getting crowded around Hugo's deathbed.

From the Wall Street Journal:

More Venezuelan Officials Arrive in Cuba

CARACAS—More top leaders within Venezuela's government arrived in Cuba during the past two days, where ailing President Hugo Chávez apparently remains in "delicate" condition after a six-hour surgery, raising concerns once again that the 58-year-old leader could be near death.

Adan Chávez, who is the president's brother and governor of their western, home state of Barinas, arrived late Wednesday in Havana, said the president's son-in-law, Jorge Arreaza, in a Twitter message. Also landing in Cuba was Diosdado Cabello, the president of Venezuela's Congress and a confidant of Hugo Chávez, according to local website Ultimas Noticias.

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's vice president and Mr. Chávez's chosen successor, has been in Cuba since last weekend, while Mr. Chávez's two daughters and other family members are also in Cuba. Mr. Chávez isn't married.

Despite promises to keep the public well-informed of the president's health, officials have been tight-lipped, only providing vague updates. Mr. Maduro said last weekend that "new complications" arose in his recovery process, while Mr. Arreaza, who is also the minister of science and technology, said Wednesday that Mr. Chávez is "stable in his delicate condition."

The president, whose cancer is apparently in the pelvic area, hasn't been heard from or seen publicly since Dec. 10, the day before his surgery.

The lack of clarity on Mr. Chávez's health has caused opposition forces to lash out. The anti-Chávez political coalition known by its Spanish acronym MUD is demanding the government tell "the truth" about the president's situation, especially given he is due to be inaugurated for another six-year term in one week, after winning presidential elections in early October.

Continue reading HERE.

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