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Upcoming visit to Miami by Castro regime agent of repression denounced

A press release from Cuba's Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (my translation):

Upcoming visit to Miami by Castro regime agent of repression denounced


Santa Cruz del Sur, Camagüey, January 2, 2013: Activist Yoan David Gonzalez Milanes, a Cuban opposition member of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front for Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience is denouncing that Castro regime agent of repression and State Security official, Adalberto Sanchez Surit, known as as "El Nene," will soon travel to the U.S. on an invitation by his siblings who live in this country.

"This man has been denounced on several sites on the internet and on radio for being one of the major purveyors of repression and torture of peaceful opposition members in this territory. He has beaten defenders of human rights in the city of Santa Cruz del Sur and maintains the vigilance of the peaceful opposition by State Security and leads it from his home. We are talking about a person who is extremely violent and in 2010, he savagely beat me. We are talking about an official of State Security who is very well known and whose repressive acts against the opposition have been caught on video. We make this denouncement on behalf of all the members of the peaceful resistance in the province of Camaguey," said Gonzalez Milanes from Santa Cruz.

The agent of repression Adalberto Sánchez Surit lives on Calle Central # 10, between Pepito Tey and Final, Santa Cruz del Sur, Camagüey province. His siblings live in the U.S. and are identified as Mirta Sánchez Surit, Bárbara and Ramón, AKA  “Mongo,” according to the information provided by the activist González Milanés in his denouncement.


2 comments to Upcoming visit to Miami by Castro regime agent of repression denounced

  • asombra

    Is this really any worse than letting Mariela Castro waltz into the US?

  • asombra

    Yet another example of the brazen shamelessness of these bastards, who are happy and eager to wallow in the "Empire" and its goodies and then go back to Cuba and keep serving Castro, Inc. Well, don't blame them for acting like scumbags, because they ARE scum. Blame those who enable them and let them get away with this kind of shit.