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  • asombra: The New York Times is practically wetting itself over Castro, Inc.’s Ebola PR stunt. Same perverse shit, different day.

  • asombra: Myers looks like a snotty prick who tried to be too clever by half and was merely USED. Foolish tool.

  • asombra: Birnbaum looks like Andy Rooney possessed by the devil. Weiland looked seriously creepy, like some kind of pervert. And I love...

  • asombra: Only someone as vulgar and fraudulent as Fidel would wear such “boots” with a military costume. But maybe I misjudge...

  • asombra: We have a crisis of leadership because a blatantly bad choice was made by those who put Obama in office. TWICE. Lord have mercy.

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Movie Directors and Screenwriters!–check THIS this out!!!

Can't Miss Hollywood Blockbuster Proposal!


The screenplay--based on documented events--would begin with a rip-roaring, heart-thumping CAR CHASE!

Grimacing and black-mustachioed BAD-GUYS do the chasing--gunning their fancy foreign car to a horrendous roar while swerving, bumping the car ahead--and sending up a cloud of dust and gravel!


Between the bumps from behind, the terrified and blond GOOD-GUYS keep just a few feet ahead of the dark villains on the winding, perilous, pot-holed road of this exotic third-world country!...with jerky turns of their heads at their pursuers and eyes wide with stark-terror the good-guys also desperately text their friends and families abroad in fair-haired foreign countries in the forlorn hope of alerting them to their deadly predicament in this land of swarthy villains!


Finally the car-chase ends in a ghastly smash-up for the fair-haired Good-Guys!

More foreign cars with black mustachioed thugs pull up, drag the foreign blond good-guys from their still--smoking vehicle and hustle them away--while two local good-guys are left dead from the crash!

In a torture chamber disguised as a clinic, more thugs jab long needles into the arms of the blond and terrified good guys which render them groggy and incoherent for days...!


Employing various forms of physical and psychological torture, forced confessions are then extracted from the blond foreign good-guys and dutifully reported by dim-witted and/or corrupt foreign reporters stationed in this exotic third-world country.....

Various forms of blackmail--from threats to release secret videos of gay and child sex by foreign reporters and diplomats to outright cash bribes in thick envelopes--keep the world from learning to truth to a point where the Bad Guys are cast in the role of the actual victims of the Good Guys!

Meanwhile a precious few people--in the manner of Kevin McCarthy in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers--futilely try to alert mankind to the ghastly truth of what's happening...


The setting-- in case you haven't guessed--is Chile in 1974. (we could also change it to Nicaragua in 1977, or even to Cuba in 1958.)

Okay!..Okay! Calm down...Geeesh!....We knew this would be POPULAR but WOW! Line forms to rear. The screenplay auction now commences...

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