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Sen. Rubio not sold on Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense

When you have the questionable and disturbing foreign policy history Sen. Chuck Hagel has, there is reason to be concerned about appointing him to a position that deals with foreign policy.

Via the Miami Herald at their Naked Politics blog:

Rubio concerned Hagel called U.S. policy on Cuba "outdated, unrealistic, irrelevant."

President Obama today will nominate former Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., for defense secretary, starting what could be a difficult confirmation process on both sides of aisle. Hagel has already been attacked with TV ads over perceived weak support toward Israel and has had to apologize for anti-gay remarks.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has another concern: Hagel's position on Cuba, which has lined up with others who say sanctions are "outdated, unrealistic, irrelevant policy." (more on Hagel's position here)

Rubio spokesman Alex Conant said, “We have a process for nominations, and Senator Rubio won’t prejudge these nominees. Senator Rubio hopes he will be able to meet with Senator Hagel prior to his confirmation vote.  We’ll have questions about some of Senator Hagel’s past positions, including sanctions on Iran and promoting democracy in Latin America, since that’s long been a priority for Senator Rubio."

5 comments to Sen. Rubio not sold on Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense

  • asombra

    Outdated and irrelevant. Just what Fidel free called elections. Unreal.

  • asombra

    Hagel will apologize to gays, but never to "those people."

  • FreedomForCuba

    Senator Marco Rubio better not blink (like the rest of his GOP counterparts recently did)...

    Except for Senator Marco Rubio, I no longer have faith in the GOP having the balls to stop Obama's Communist/Marxist/Socialist agenda for America.

    I hope the Senator doesn't disappoint me...

  • Honey

    Obama keeps peopling his cabinet with anti Americans, socialists, communists, those who love Arabs and not Israel. So what else is new?
    I have been listening to a series of programs on C Span about Whittaker Chambers. My goodness nothing has changed, or it has gotten worse. We have enemies in our government. Only now they are not in hiding. They are proud to be up front about their destructive beliefs. And they have taken too many Kool Aid drinking Americans along for the ride.

  • FreedomForCuba

    "And they have taken too many Kool Aid drinking Americans along for the ride."

    This is the biggest issue Honey, Obama and his cohorts have too many enablers...