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We Can All Travel!

By Pablo Pacheco Avila:

We Can All Travel!

images (1)Raul inherited from his brother Fidel Castro absolute power in Cuba and with time he has managed to perfect the mass entertainment syndrome. The latest play to entertain is the new “Migratory Law.”

I recognize that from outside one looks with another perspective on what happens in Cuba; we realize that we lived in a bubble of lies, fraud and political manipulation. I also believe that the  complicity of Cubans goes hand in hand with the fear and double standards. That’s why we have ended up ruined morally, economically and losing many values.

The press has played a key role in the interests of Raul Castro in this latest political machination. I note with amazement the headlines, but one causes more pain than happiness: “Cuban doctors will be able to travel.”

Where can Cuban physicians travel to?

Well, actually most of the doctors in Cuba can not visit Varadero, Cayo Coco or some other tourist resort in the country because the average salary does not reach $ 25 a month, so I imagine they can not get on a plane and visit other nations.

Let’s suppose that some family member overseas can pay the costs for these professionals and help them to overcome the obstacles of the visa. Will the Cuban regime let them travel with the documents that prove they are health professionals, their certification, their courses and their medical degree? I think not and Havana knows by heart that most doctors want to travel abroad with a one-way ticket without thinking of the return.

The frustration, uncertainty and despair of every Cuban professional is notable in more private dialogue.

In any event, this Migratory Law may be the fissure that lets many Cubans squeeze through the gap to freedom, and that pleases me. Although in all honesty I don’t believe the story: “We can all travel!”

2 comments to We Can All Travel!

  • antonio2009

    Communist dictator Tito of Yugoslavia used this travel method to let its citizens abroad sent remittances home. The largest cash flow into Cuba is from economic immigrants abroad whose entire savings are being spent on phone calls, remittances, and travel to Cuba. That's why they don't have the money or time to be successful in the U.S. and have created a new underclass of Cubans in Miami.

  • It's a win win for the regime, a good PR Mariel. Who's going to complain about eased travel for Cubans? Well besides hardline intransigents.