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Spanish government to back off on criticism of Cuban dictatorship

So much for the hope that the Mariano Rajoy administration in Spain would break from the policy of appeasement and enabling of the Cuban dictatorship carried out by his predecessor, Jose Luis Zapatero. It would seem now that there really isn't much difference between the two.

Once again, the Spanish government stabs the Cuban people in the back.

Via El Confidencial Digital (my translation):

Foreign Ministry gives orders to reduce tension with Cuba. A response by the government to the extradition of Angel Carromero

After the successful negotiations that brought about the extradition of Angel Carromero back to Spain, the government wants to reduce tensions with Cuba and now maintain a more peaceful relationship with Havana. That is the reason the Foreign Ministry has given orders to reduce public intervention in regards to the Castro regime.

According to information obtained by El Confidencial Digital, the ministry headed by Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo has, after months of talks between Madrid and Havana, made it a priority of maintaining the better harmony they have achieved with Cuba. For that reason, the order has been given to assume a more serene posture towards the island.

It has been confirmed that spokespersons for the Executive, directors of the PP, and the Spanish delegation in Brussels and Strasbourg have been told to end their demands for the end of the Cuban dictatorship maintained in the past since that would once again create tension with the Castro regime.

For that reason, calls for democracy in Cuba that were to be presented as motions in the European Parliament have been canceled, along with events with representatives of the Cuban dissidence.

Bad relations with Esperanza Aguirre

Sources told ECD that the visit by Esperanza Aguirre with Angel Carromero and her declarations attacking Cuba afterwards "are an example of what the Foreign Ministry doesn't want right now."

The Foreign Ministry recognizes that the work that went into obtaining the extradition of the director of the PP's Nueva Generacion "cannot go to waste and we return to the tensions that existed previously with the island. The position of Spain in regards to the Castro regime is more than well known, and we do not have to make the wound any deeper."

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