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Cuban State Security tries to recruit teenager to assassinate opposition leader

For the Castro dictatorship in Cuba, there is no limit to the methods they are willing to employ in order to rid themselves of Cubans who dare to vocally oppose them. They will poison them, beat them to death, deny them medical care, ram their cars off the road, and as we now learn, they will even attempt to recruit a teenager to murder them.

Via DIARIO DE CUBA (my translation):

State Security tells 18-year-old to murder Jose Daniel Ferrer

State Security told an 18-year-old from Holguin that he should murder Jose Daniel Ferrer, the leader of the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU), declared Ferrer himself, a former political prisoner. He added that officials from Havana have moved to Santiago de Cuba with the declared intention of exterminating his organization once and for all.

Ferrer, who is part of the Group of 75 that refused to be forcibly exiled as a condition to their release from prison, told DIARIO DE CUBA that the young man, Yohandry Pupo Sarmiento, attempted suicide due to the pressure being put on him by the political police, who initially recruited him to report on the actions of UNPACU.

According to Ferrer, "he was visited in the hospital by the agent who was his handler, a captain who called himself Leo, and he said to him: 'Why did you do this? Instead of trying to kill yourself you should try to kill Jose Daniel. Don't you want to leave the country? We can help get you out. This anger you have against yourself, turn it towards Jose Daniel and we will help you get out of here.'"

According to the leader of UNPACU, Pupo Sarmiento had been sent to Santiago de Cuba with a video showing alleged stickers from the organization placed in Holguin.

Ferrer said, "it was actually the political police that put those stickers up in Holguin. They photographed them and then sent Yohandry with the images to gain my confidence, which they hoped would later allow him to obtain information that would permit them to destroy any action by UNPACU in Holguin."

Read the entire article (in Spanish) HERE.

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