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  • Rayarena: Asombra, as you have said repeatedly, we are to blame. We are not institution builders. While we don’t have power over...

  • asombra: I still remember that photo of Soler with Francis in Rome. Evidently, it meant NOTHING, same as his meeting with the family of...

  • asombra: Yes, EVERYBODY gets that the US has finally bailed Cuba out–Castro’s Cuba, that is.

  • asombra: But Ziva, apparently Pope Francis was fine with releasing the spies. Lord have mercy.

  • asombra: The Vatican, in its way, seems no better than Spain, and given what it’s SUPPOSED to be, it looks considerably worse. The...

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The real reason behind the downfall of Alarcon

As seen in Guamá, the humor of Lauzan:


"And that is how it happened... It was the new migratory laws that led to the downfall of Alarcón."


Ed. Note: Ricardo Alarcon is the recently ousted Cuban dictatorship official who in 2008 infamously told a Cuban university student who asked why Cubans were not free to travel that the world needed travel restrictions because if everyone was free to travel, the skies would fill up with passenger planes. This, Alarcon explained, would cause a dangerous traffic jam in the air and the airplanes would end up crashing into each other. Read more about that discussion HERE.

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