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Awww, those bourgeois bullies are so mean…. so, let’s kill them all !


A fine example of correct adulation in Venenozuela

Chavez Death Watch: More from Spain's ABC

It seems that criticizing Chávez or spreading news about his health that run counter to the official government narrative is now a crime in Venenozuela, or about to become a crime.  Saddam Hussein-look-alike Nicolás Maduro came out swinging against the opposition yesterday,  issuing threats, declaring El Coma-Andante Junior and his entire family sacrosanct and off limits in the public sphere.

So... shut up or die, bourgeois vermin.  This is what Bolivarian democracy is all about.

Saddamito el Madurito threatens all who dare to criticize Chávez and the revolutionary process

Vice President of Venenozuela,  Nicolás "Saddamito" Maduro, lashed out on Saturday against the "dirty war" that the opposition is waging against the government, and called for a total moratorium on bad news about ailing dictator Hugo Chávez and his family.  "Leave them alone," he said.  "Mess with us, mess with the people, but don't mess with Chávez, don't mess with his daughters, leave his family alone."  Maduro also accused the opposition of trying to "set the country on fire."

Saddamito el Madurito complained that the opposition -- which he identified as "the bourgeoisie" and accused of being supported by "imperialist" countries -- is carrying out a "dirty war" every day against the Venezuelan people. "This is what you call a psychological war," said the anointed heir to the throne of Caracastan at a news conference in the state of Carabobo, in the north of Venenozuela.

Repeating himself, as is his custom, Maduro el Bigotudo issued a warning: "We say to these bourgeois elements without a country who have the backing of imperialist sectors around the world that they need to respect Comandante Chávez and his family, and his daughters."  If these bourgeois elements dare to ignore his warning, threatened Maduro, they will soon feel "the weight of the law" come down on them.

Whole report HERE in Spanish.

3 comments to Awww, those bourgeois bullies are so mean…. so, let’s kill them all !