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A Holy Day of Obligation


So let it be written, so let it be done. His words are golden scripture. His actions envisioned and foretold by the prophets before him. He will rewrite the word and rebuild the church as we know it. It has been promised by the angel that sits at his right hand.

Or else... And blasphemers will be dealt with...

And the loyal followers and apostles rewarded and remembered.

He is our holy leader, you know...

President Obama’s recent response to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., convinced the pastor who preached at this morning’s pre-inaugural church service that the president has the cleric’s touch.

Obama should be called “Pastor in Chief,” said Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Ga., after he “thanked POTUS for work after Newtown shooting tragedy when he spoke to mourners.”

The pool reporter notes that Stanley moved from that to telling the story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. “The takeaway: What do you do when in a position of power? “You leverage that power for the benefit of other people in the room,” he said. Added “Mr. President, you have an awfully big room.” Stanley “prayed that POTUS would “continue to leverage this influence for the sake of our nation and the sake of the world.’”


However, if you are designated America's lord and savior, you don't have to pay attention in church when you are being worshipped because you are so friggin' awesome and above us mere mortals you know exactly what the pastor is going to say before he even says it...


And worshiping within this church of God were various bishops of the agenda, including Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards...


His promise to us is he will be returning to saving our troubled planet. As long as we just believe...

Please turn to page 65 in your socialist hymnals and sing it loud, comrade brothers and sisters in-wanted need...

2 comments to A Holy Day of Obligation

  • Gigi

    I'm stunned - though perhaps I shouldn't be - that Andy Stanley would throw in with this crowd in this fashion. He didn't even bother to explain the Scripture passage correctly and instead [mis]used it to pile on the adulation and score political points. Does he really want Obama to “continue to leverage this influence" when all that has done is taken the country down the tubes? Is he THAT freaking blind & out of touch, or just enamored with the spotlight. He has officially lost my respect forever. The fact you start well in life doesn't mean you will end well. Andy needs some soul-searching. Or he should stay home & away from these "opportunities" as he would call them, if he can't handle them. It's called compromising the truth. What a chance he had, and how he blew it.

  • marc in calgary

    *takes a long sip of whiskey*