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179 Round-Trips To The Moon Would Not Have Cost Us This Much


The whole time I was growing up I heard people complaining about how much we (the country) were spending on the NASA space program, and that money could be spent on programs for the poor ... entitlement programs. The counter argument was that Americans spent more on pizza in a year than was spent on the space program. How far we have fallen as the democrat-led US Senate has first done nothing to pass a budget as over a trillion dollars a year is added to the debt, and now they plan on using it as a tax-raising bargaining chip with the GOP...

House GOP leaders needled Senate Democrats on Tuesday for failing to write a budget for four years, saying 179 round-trips to the moon could have been taken in the time being.

Republicans also say three Pentagons could have been built and a mountain-climbing team could have made it to the top of Everest 292 times since Senate Democrats last wrote a budget resolution, in the spring of 2009.

The criticism from the GOP comes after Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said his conference would write a budget this spring. Schumer on Sunday said the budget would be used as a vehicle to move tax reform legislation.

Schumer pledged to do a budget after House Republican leaders said they would approve a three-month extension of the debt ceiling that would block senators from receiving their paychecks if a budget isn’t passed.

The graphic released Tuesday includes the hashtag “No Budget No Pay.”

“Before there is any long-term debt-limit increase, a budget should be passed that cuts spending,” Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told the Republican Conference on Friday in remarks to close the party’s three-day retreat in Williamsburg, Va. “The Democratic-controlled Senate has failed to pass a budget for four years. That is a shameful run that needs to end, this year.”


An added bonus ... Photographer, writer and director S.G. Collins does an interesting debunking of the Moon landing hoax theories. Glenn Beck suspects Collins is a bit of an anti-Bush era liberal, but finds his logic and reasoning on the inability to fake the Moon landing important, and thought provoking.

My favorite take-away line from Collins:

"Why does any of this matter? Well, my concern is with the ultimate fate of knowing ... of seeing the difference of what you can know, and what you wish for. Because that's what puts the "sapiens" in 'homo sapiens'. Without that you're just another homo..."

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