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  • asombra: Hell, he calls himself a general; he can call Americans aborigines if he likes.

  • asombra: If Nosferatu’s not dead, he’s only technically alive. For all practical purposes, he no longer exists.

  • asombra: Is Jacobson ill? She looks very strange to me. How could she be sent on such an errand? It’s practically like sending a...

  • asombra: Humberto, why bother with any prep, even from Cuba “experts”? It’s not as if Obama was serious about...

  • asombra: The silence of Alan Gross, indeed. Alas, unlike Orlando, I’m beyond wondering at it. And btw, Gross is getting 7 figures,...

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Que human rights ni human rights; are you going to buy some avocados or what?

The humor of Garrincha at Cuba Encuentro:


As man recites the UN Declaration of Human Rights to a couple of Cuba's new "self-employed" street vendors...

First vendor: "Dude, are you going to buy some avocados or what?"

Second vendor: "Hey baby, I've got some delicious croquettes for you."

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