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  • Humberto Fontova: Lord have mercy..

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Arturo Lopez-Callejas (“Artie Levy” to you!)–The Castro family’s Fredo


Arturo Lopez-Callejas ("Artie Levy" to you!) calls the Developement Alternatives Inc. memo mentioning Babalu a "declassifed U.S. government document." (in the comments section of The Havana Note) Jose Cardenas sets him straight:

Correction. That is not an official U.S. document -- declassified or otherwise -- that you are breathlessly quoting from. That is an internal DAI memo written after meeting with US officials. Big difference -- which you should have recognized as a former Cuban intelligence analyst.

Any questions why Arturo was booted from MINIT's intelligence analysis dept.? Say what you want about Castro's MINIT, but they don't suffer fools gladly--at least as employees (otherwise they adore them, especially the foreign media, academic and political kind.)

And here was an analyst who (apparently) couldn't distinguish a declassified Gov. document from a private corporate memo!

"Arturito's not the brightest bulb on the tree," you can hear MINIT officials saying years ago. "But he's tall, blue-eyed, glib and knows American slang. A camera-friendly "people-person." The boy belongs in outside sales. Let's send him off to peddle our propaganda in the U.S. district...."


"we have U.S. newspaper people on the payroll, don't we, Tom?..they might like Arturo?"...


"Boy DO we!...and yes, they might, they just might."


"Great, we'll have them running to Arturito every time Cuba hits the U.S. news cycle. They'll call him an "Expert.""Arturito's much more useful to us in the U.S. Heaven knows we tried and tried to work with him, as his uncle well knows. But Arturito just can't seem to get the hang of this analysis work. His uncle will understand."


"Send Arturo off to do this, send Arturo off to do that...I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says – like dumb. I'm smart and I want respect!"

2 comments to Arturo Lopez-Callejas (“Artie Levy” to you!)–The Castro family’s Fredo

  • FreedomForCuba

    "Let's send him off to peddle our propaganda in the U.S. district...."

    Arturito is performing his MINIT assignment in America very well, thanks to the MSM's help.

    Those reading Arturito's comments on his website don't understand that you could not be part of the MINIT in Cuba and now claim to be a reborn Democrat. This is part the his game to confuse who doesn't any know better.

    It's obvious Arturito is playing the role of "infiltrado" to the teeth as his most obvious effort is to attack us here at Babalu while defending a policy of appeasement to the Castro tyranny as "pragmatic policy".

    Arturito is so full of it and we know it. He does not fool us because we understand very well how these infiltrated, pro-Castro characters operate, but I wonder how many naive Americans believe his BS.

  • [...] like is counterpart of the Corleone family this Fredo of the Castro family also gets to dress rakishly and hob-knob with the [...]